Issue 35

July 2013

When you need to know the news, read the Nulla-Noos

Hi Nulla’s,

Winter is finally here so now you need to be checking with the weatherman before you decide to go for a ride. Nothing worse than planning a ride and then having to leave in the rain is there.

The other option of course is to have a get-together and do it under cover so you can still socialise without getting drowned, which is just what we did on Saturday night – July 13th.

We had a BBQ in the shed and we had 22 members and partners turn out for the function, which was pretty good considering the fact that we only have 34 financial members, and that includes those members who don’t reside in the metro area.

Unfortunately, we had a few late cancellations due to some health issues and we hope you guys are feeling better and back on top of it all soon.

For the rest of us, well, it was a little chilly in the shed, but it was still a good night and I’m pretty sure that the food, conversation and atmosphere helped it to be memorable one for all that attended.

I asked my son, Luke, if he could put together a compendium of all of the photo’s I have on the computer, burn them onto a DVD, and set it up so as it was a continuous slide-show of photo’s of events held from over the past 10 years, which he did brilliantly.

Some of the photo’s weren’t the best, but what were viewable were great and it allowed us to reminisce about the places we’ve been and seen over the years, and remember the beautiful people we’ve lost as well.

It brought back a lot of memories of the things that have happened on the road too, good, bad and some funny ones too.

Hopefully, I can get you guys to send me your photo’s and next time we can load on a few photo’s from your collections and expand the DVD and make it longer and more exciting.

If you have any electronic photo’s, please let me know and I’ll arrange to drop out with a USB drive and get copies from you so I can start a giant album of them.

As you might be aware, some of our membership is heading for the USA for a bit of an extended holiday, and also to attend the Harley Davidson 110th Anniversary party. We wish them well on their trip and hope that they have a great time in the States and return to us safe and sound, and not to full of Americanism’s.

We should be all back together again by around the middle of October, and most will be hanging out for a ride about then too, so I’ll arrange a breakfast ride towards the end of October so they can attend and tell us all about their journey into the unknown.

Pencil in Sunday morning – October 20th for a breakfast run to York, Meckering, Northam, Toodyah, etc, etc and I’ll put something together before hand and let you know the final plan of attack a couple of weeks before the day.

Well, this is only a short news letter this time as not much has happened in the last few months.

Too bloody wet and miserable to go for any rides so no stories to be told at this time.

Still waiting for the tribe to return from the US of A with the tales of travel from over there but hopefully we will get a great heap of stories and photo’s from them.

Thanks it for now, so stay safe and warm and hang out for the next Nulla-Noos

Your President & Editor & Functions
Manager & Ride Organiser & Complaint
Officer and General Dogsbody