Issue 34

February 2013

When you need to know the news, read the Nulla-Noos

Hi Nulla’s,

It’s been a long time since you’ve seen one of these arrive in the letterbox hasn’t it ??

Well, that’s because I haven’t had time to do one, but this morning, I’ve decided that I’ve got to make time, especially for this one, as I think it’s a very important issue.

The Nullaboys International Motor Cycle Club was founded on March 28th 1998, and that means that this year, on March 28th 2013, we will have completed 15 years as a group.

Our membership started as 9 dejected members who were badly treated by others, but has ended up as a great group of 42 like-minded soles who love to ride their bikes and travel this great land of ours. 

During those 15 years, we, both as a group and as individuals, have seen and experienced so many things that the average motorcyclist would have never dreamed of achieving in their lifetime of riding.

We’ve travelled the continent, from one extreme to the other, from Darwin in the north, to Hobart in the south, and all over the eastern seaboard on roads that have been anywhere from magnificent to absolute rubbish.

We’ve been to places like Broome, Alice Springs, Broken Hill, Daly Waters, Uluru, Kakadu, the Barossa Valley, the Snowy Mountains, Queenstown, and we’ve had many a ball at many a HOG Rally over the years too.

We’ve meet some great people, and some really strange people, at the rallies and on the road, and we’ve experienced the best and the worst of mother-nature, from dust storms to driving rain and hail to the heat of the desert and cross-winds that nearly drive you into the road-side ditches.

We’ve fuelled up at some strange places and ridden past some really wide-loads and we’ve dodged animals, played slalom through the road kill and ducked as Wedge Tailed Eagles soared up into the heavens, and we’ve ridden some of the worst, and some of the best roads in Australia.

We’ve had the odd flat tyre and the occasional mechanical failure and we’ve had broken bikes put onto trailers too, but we’ve never left anyone behind on the side of the road to fend for themselves, we’ve always looked after each other on the road, because that’s what ‘mates’ do, no matter what.

For 15 years, we’ve done hundreds of thousands of kilometres with good mates and all of the time, with good intentions to have a great ride and a great holiday and great fun. And we’ve brought back some really magic memories of the places we’ve been, things we’ve seen, and don’t forget, the things we’ve done to each other too.

But now, as I sit here and look through the membership listing, I wonder whether it’s time, time to consider winding up the Nullaboys International Motor Cycle Club, and let it slip into folk law.

We all seem to have different lives today, much different to how they were some 15 years ago when it all started. Some of us have completely changed our direction, some have retired, some have moved interstate, some have passed away and some no longer ride as much as they used too, or maybe not at all anymore.

We used to have regular catch-up dinners, or maybe a Sunday morning breakfast ride to somewhere, but as time has moved on, these seem both hard to arrange, and for some, even harder to attend.

Our last catch-up dinner attracted only 9 people, 7 members and 2 partners and this made me think that maybe we have different priorities these days, and whether they be family or business, the social side of our life has changed, and we don’t have the free time to fit in today what we used to do so easily 15 years ago.

With a new membership year approaching us on May 1st, I thought it might be pro-active to ask you, the members of the club, what you want to do. Do you want to continue with the club, or in your opinion, is it time to wind it up and move on with life in a different direction.

The Nullaboys was created with the idea of being different, like-minded people travelling across the countryside on motorcycles, having holidays, socializing and riding together and having fun as mates.

I realise that as we have gotten older, our lives change and what we used to get up to just doesn’t happen easily anymore. I know my life has change radically over the last 15 years, and the care-free existence that I had back then is long gone.

I find myself re-married, retired, planning different non-motorcycling types of holidays, and not for just me anymore too, so I expect that my life is no different to many others out there now.

So the questions is ...... do we continue with the Nullaboys, or do we let it slip quietly away, and just retain it as one of those great memories and times of our life??

Please email your responses to ..... ....... and before the March 23rd if possible as I’m going away for 9 weeks and 2 days then to Sicily with the family.

If the vote is to continue with the Nullaboys, then I’ll do the membership renewal drive upon my return to Perth.

Thanks for your time and now I’ll await your responses.

Your President & Editor & Functions
Manager & Ride Organiser & Complaint
Officer and General Dogsbody