Issue 30

April 2008

When you need to know the news, read the Nulla-Noos

Hi Nulla's,

Having celebrated our 10th anniversary of the formation of the club, I've looked back on all of the places we've been and all the places we've seen, and I've realised that, as a group of motorcycle riders, we've been to places that very few people, let alone motorcyclists, have been too.

1998, the first year of our existence, saw the founding members ride across the country to Southport, just south of Brisbane, and to some of us, that was a great trip, but a bloody long ride.

1999 saw us travelling to Canberra, and riding through mud and shit across the Nullarbor in weather that wasn't the best, but it was still another great adventure and one the held special memories for all that did the crossing.

In 2000, we travelled to Port Pirie and suffered our first major accident with Radar and Luigi crashing in the middle of nowhere and then having to work out how to sort out injuries and damaged motorcycles whilst on the road.

The big ride over the top in 2001 saw us visiting places we probably would never normally see and it was a great riding adventure with great friends.

2002 was quite year without a big ride, but we still managed to have some short day trip to a few places for breakfast and a great Easter Egg hunt, courtesy of Stefan & Regina.

2004 was the bide trip to Tasmania, and the memories of Pop's colostomy bagged bike, but even with those problems, we still managed to have a great trip and what a great place to travel around

The following year was again quiet for most, but some of us managed to travel to the SA State Rally in Berri, and we still brought more memories home with us from the ride.

2006 and another quiet year without a big ride anywhere, mainly caused by work commitments and the illness' of a couple of our members.

But we made up for it in 2007 by travelling across to the HOG National in Nuriootpa in SA, with some travelling on further to the Victorian State Rally.

And if ever there was reason for us to doubt why we do the rides that we have done, this one would've been the one.

Mechanical failures and major accidents certainly opened my eyes to what can on the road, but with care, I'm sure these won't stop us doing long rides in the future.

As I said, we've been places that a lot of people have never seen or been to, and although we've had problems on nearly every trip, we also good a lot of very good memories from every ride we've done.

Admittedly, some have not been very nice, and some of the problems we've had on the road have been down-right horrible, but when think back to the good times we've had on the road, the bad ones just fade out really quickly.

Looking at all of the photos on the web-site, and in my private collection, I realise how privileged I've been to travel the country with all of you, and how much I've enjoyed everybody's company and friendship on the rides that we've done together.

I lost a friend the other day, he was just 51, and it's made me realise that we are all here for a very short time, and our family and friends are certainly what makes life all worthwhile.

Thank you to everybody for making our lives enjoyable, and I hope we can continue our life journey together, whether it's on the road as a group, or by just being friends that get together for a knees-up or a drink or two.

And speaking of a knees-up, we come to the 10th Anniversary celebrations, and what a great night it was, with nearly all of the membership turning up to help make the anniversary of the Nullaboys a great night to remember.

10 years ago, who would've thought that we would've got to this point in the club ??

Membership started at 9 in 1998, and it's now grown to over 50, and hopefully, as we enter into our 11th year, we will retain both our "International" status and our local membership numbers.

To everybody that attended the celebrations, I hope you had a great time and remember that you're now part of the history of the Nullaboys International Motorcycle Club.

And thank you to everybody for your emails and comments too, it made the efforts of everybody involved in arranging the night worthwhile.

And a special thanks must go the following people too.

To Luigi, for the cake, to Johno, Will, Blakey & Paulene for making the trip over from the east just to attend, to Radar for flying down from Karratha just for the night, and to everybody else for turning up.

Hopefully, we'll be still around in another 5 years so we can to celebrate the 15th Anniversary.

Which brings me to another reason for the April edition of the Nulla-Noos, and that is your 2008/2009 memberships are due.

Did you notice how delicately I got around to squeezing money from you again??

You got to admit, I'm good at it. Some of you have already paid your dues at the anniversary, so you can ignore the next bit, because you're already current.

For those that haven't paid yet, in this edition, you find your renewal form, and you'll also notice that it's still only $20.00 too.

I was considered putting it up this year to
$25.00, only because I've seen all of the new bikes being bought, but I thought I'd leave it until next year to give you a chance to whinge for 12 months first, and also to save up for the increase.

So, you can either pay it direct into the Nullaboys account by EFT, or send a cheque to the PO Box, or just give me cash next time we meet up.

I don't care how you want to pay, just as long as you pay.

Speaking of next time we meet, Anzac Day is coming, and the traditional Dawn Service breakfast ride is on again.

For those who wish to attend the Dawn Service at Kings Park, we will meet at 5.00am at the clock tower at the top of St George's Terrace as per normal.

For those who just feel like the breakfast ride, we will meet you at Caltex Midvale at about 7.00m and depart at 7.30am for the breakfast ride over the hills to Meckering, going via York to pick up Stefan & Regina on the way through town.

The return journey is open to a vote, but we'll probably return via Toodyay, just to make a good ride out of the morning.

We should be back home by lunchtime, so you're day won't be completely ruined.

And whilst we're having breakfast at Meckering, there is every possibility that conversations may come up about where and when we would like to go for our next big trip

If you have any suggestion on this, please bring your ideas with you for group discussions.

I have already suggested that the girls should arrange the next trip to where-ever, and the boys will just tag along for the ride and moral support.

However, I must admit, I did get some funny looks from some of the girls at the anniversary when I brought it up, but they didn't tell me to ……so maybe they're thinking about it.

Well, that's about all I've got to say in this edition apart from your renewals are in here, and some of you may need to give me your current email address' as some are bouncing back.

So, if you haven't received an email from me in the last week or so regarding the Anzac Dawn Service details, you're ones I'm talking about.

That's it for now, stay well, send your memberships in and I hope to see you all at breakfast on Anzac Day.

Your President & Editor & Functions
Manager & Ride Organiser & Complaint
Officer and General Dogsbody