Issue 29

December 2007

When you need to know the news, read the Nulla-Noos

Hi Nulla's,

Well, here we are again, another year shot to hell and another Christmas / New Year Festive Season has arrived to fill your lives with joy and happiness again.

The last of the Nulla's have arrived back from the National Rally ride across the country, and wasn't that an eventful trip this year ???

Gees, I hope we never have another one like this year, with all the mechanical failures, people dropping bikes in the middle of nowhere, and all of the injuries they've received from them.

It makes you sit back and think that it's not the ride across that's hard, it's all the crap that can happen and the grief that it can cause.

When we set off on our epic rides, we try not to think of things going wrong, but after this year, I think we really need to consider a back-up vehicle and taking the trailer too.

When left this, we had different groups leaving at different times, which made the gride across easier for fuel stops, but it felt very disjointed and definitely not like our normal runs across.

Maybe this was part of the problem, who knows, but it certainly un-folded badly on the return trip.

Neville purchased a new "Screaming Eagle bike in Adelaide [ as we do ..ha ha ] and dropped it on the road works coming home, and now has to wait 12 months for replacement panels to arrive before his new bike will look new again.

Springer smashed the rear suspension in Adelaide, and lost a couple of hours sleep wondering how he was going to get it back home again.

Thankfully, the dealer in Adelaide came to the rescue and had him back on the road within a couple of days again.

But the biggee of the trip was our mate Peter "Yoda" Ewing dropping the bike as he pulled in off the Eyre Hwy for a comfort stop.

The trailer has somehow pushed the bike and thrown him off, the bike landing on top of him, smashing his left leg in two places, breaking his left collar-bone and 3 ribs as well.

Needless to say, he couldn't ride the bike and an Ambulance was required to transport him the final 100kms to Norseman Hospital.

With no spare riders available to ride the bike home, it was parked up on the side of the road, which then had to be retrieved a week later by Pop and Trevor Connelly.

3 weeks in hospital, a lot of pain, a lot of abuse from Pat, his wife, and a few bad jokes for the pain, and he was allowed to go home.

Yoda's well into recovery mode now, but I'm not sure whether Pat is going to allow him to get back in to the saddle again.

He has asked me to pass on his heart-felt thanks for the help and assistance he received at the crash site, to all those that visited him in hospital, and Pop and TC for getting his bike and trailer back to Perth for him.

Obviously, you don't have to be travelling fast on a bike to do major damage, as this was all caused by falling off about 10kph on gravel.

It makes me think that we really need to be more mindful with our travels out there, as it could have been far worse than it was, and the results could have been far more catastrophic if it had happened at any greater speed too.

Anyway, I know I'll speak for everyone in the Nullaboys when I pass on our best wishes for a fast recovery to you mate.

Grubby & Stef hosted a pre-Xmas BBQ and get together a couple weeks ago at their place in Banjup.

With about 20 people turning up, in various forms of transport, we had a great day reminiscing about the trip, and telling the usual and obligatory lies about the events on trip.

Even Yoda turned up, hobbling around on his walking stick, and got fussed over by everyone, and milked it for all it was worth too.

A beautiful ridding day, but some still arrived in cars, as they were bring supplies of food and drink.

Geo & Aud arrived in their 1938 Buick, and I think Geo said they had to leave at 8.00am to get there in time for the 11.00am start …… only joking, a great looking car, and only 2 years older than Geo too ... …ha ha ha.

And although I never seen it for myself, I believe Grubby's shed is well organised and as clean as his bike, but that's not really any surprise is it ? ? ? ……ha ha ha

Thanks to Grubby & Stef for the day, a great feed with good friends, and a very enjoyable time was had by all.

On the lighter side ……

A wife walks into the lounge room where hubby is sitting watching the TV, where she strips naked in front of him and says,

"So, what turns you on honey ?? My pretty face or my sexy body ??"

Hubby looks her up and down a couple of times, smiles and replies ……

" I think it's your sense of humour ! ! "

Our new Black & Yellow Club shirts have been a huge hit, and they really looked good at the rally in Nuriootpa.

So much so, we even got compliments from some of the other chapters on how good they looked.

The first batch of 35 shirts have now sold out, but if you missed out and still want one, please left me know as they can still be sourced.

And our thanks must go to Benny on his efforts in getting them organised in time for the run, and also donation of the matching caps, equally as good looking.

The shirts and caps are comfortable and more importantly, they stand out when you're in a crowd so it makes Nulla people easy to find at a gathering.

Discussions are underway regarding our 10th Birthday celebrations.

The anniversary celebrations will be held on Saturday night, March 29th 2008, as this is the eve of the foundation of the club back in 1998.

And we will have some special guests arriving from all over the country for this party, and I'm also trying hard to have all of the founding members of the club attending on the night.

Write that date down now, because it's going to be great night, and you won't want to miss it

Suggestions were to hold it away from Perth, but due to logistics of the event, the travel and transporting what we require for the nights festivities, it has been decided to hold it somewhere locally.

With those thoughts in mind, it was decided to hold the party at my factory unit in Darch [ near Wangara ] as it's big enough to hold the expect 50-70 people

With no parking problems, no neighbour problems, and plenty of sleeping bag space for those that can't go home [ due to excessive alcohol consumption], it should allow the night to go late and prove to be the right location for all that attend.

And there will be entertainment for kids of all ages, so if you've got any, bring them too.

We'll only turn 10 once, so this will be your only chance to celebrate this occasion, so don't double book the night and miss out.

More details will follow when it gets closer to the date, but it will be a good night and one not to miss.

Going through all the crap I've collected in the shed over the past years, it occurred to
me that many of us have probably updated our bikes once or twice during our riding lifetime, some maybe even more than that.

And most of us have done modifications and purchased shiny new accessories to fit on to the new bikes over the years too.

And then I started thinking about that fact that we probably all have bits of bikes of the past that are just lying around in the shed collecting dust too.

And then I came up with another Wizard Brain Storm

My suggestion is that you go out into the shed, dig out all of the stuff you have no further use for, and send me a list of the items and we'll advertise them, to the Nulla's first, and see who needs what.

After that, we could forward a comprehensive list of parts on to the Perth Chapter for distribution to the members and maybe turn our leftovers into cash for some more new shiny bits again.

If you're interested, send me your list of bits, detailing model what it suits, its condition, how much you want for it, etc, etc.

I'll do up a spreadsheet listing of all the parts, and the details etc and then send it out with the next Nulla-Noos for everyone to have a look at.

Who knows what'll happen, but at worst we'll end up with cleans sheds …… ha ha ha …… and we could make a couple of bucks on the way.

Well, that's it for me and this edition, except to say that Geo's gonna have the last word this edition.

Take care over the Festive Season and we'll catch up soon.

Your President & Editor & Functions
Manager & Ride Organiser & Complaint
Officer and General Dogsbody