Issue 27

May 2007

When you need to know the news, read the Nulla-Noos

Hi Nulla's,

You haven't seen one of these for a while because the last time I sat down to type one out was way back in July 2006.

There is a few reason for that, but the main one was after punching them out for the past 4 and a half years, I'd lost interest in doing them.

Every 2 months, I'd sit down and start typing out stories that I'd heard, tit-bits of useless information that I'd come across, and anything else I could think of to keep you entertained.

But after 4 odd years, it just got all too hard, and I needed a break from doing it, so I stopped and had a rest from typing the Nulla-Noos for a little while.

The plan was to leave them until around Christmas time and punch out a Nulla Noos for January, but it all went pear-shaped and things just didn't work out that way.

I didn't use the lap-top for nearly 4 months, and when I fired it up to start doing a new one, the battery was flat … der, I expected that … but when I plugged the charger into it, what I didn't expect was the cloud of smoke that cam from it.

The bloody thing was only 10 months old, so thankfully, it was still under warranty. But when I contacted the man I purchased it from, he told it had to go back to the east for repairs.

Okay, that's good with me, as long as it gets fixed for free, I'm happy with that.

But, I didn't expect to have to wait nearly 4 months to get the bloody thing back.

In retrospect, that was probably my fault for putting on the claim form that it was "only used for personal use" … it went to the bottom of the heap.

Oh well, I've got it back again, and now I can start typing out the next edition of Nulla-Noos for you, even if it is about 10 months late.

Surprisingly, not one of you asked about your copy not turning up. It worried me for a while, but then I thought that maybe the novelty had warn off, or maybe you needed a rest from reading it too, so I just let it go.

So here goes, another exciting edition of Nulla Noos ……

Just like our bikes, as we get older, our bodies start to wear out and parts need to be replaced because they have past their use-by date and they fail.

Luigi has needed a replacement part to be installed in the way of a new knee for his right leg.

The operation took place on April 2 at Joondalup Hospital and the replacement joint fitted perfectly, just as you would expect these days.

I suppose it's a bit like fitting a genuine replacement item to the bike, use the right parts, a specialist operator, and the right tools and nothing can go wrong.

After 7 days of bed rest, he was told to go home and behave himself and if he does the right things like the good little boy that he is, he'll be back up and around fairly soon.

As for him riding again, it's guaranteed, although it may be a couple of months before you see him ripping up the back tyre on the road, but the he's definitely going to be ready to go on the October run to the National in Nuriootpa - SA.

He's still off work at present, but he's busting his neck to get back to it and start making some money again.

I think he's just bored shit-less actually …but I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say … Get well soon Wog-boy.

As this is the first Nulla -Noos for 2007, there's been lots of thing happening since the last one was circulated.

2006 for most of us it was a pretty good year, but we also had a couple of our members go down to serious illness too.

Carl Smith required an urgent by-pass operation, which thankfully I have been told, has fully recovered from.

Bev Lupica has had a problem with Cancer, and all was looking pretty good until about a month ago when the little bugger resurfaced again. But thankfully, reports from Benny tell me that everything is on the up again and she is on her way to a full recovery again.

On the happy side of life, Brian "Pop" Smallwood has retired from the work force after selling off his business and is now a very hard man to find around the place.

It seems that between being a tourist, a 4WD expert, going fishing at exotic locations, tracking old Poppy down now is becoming bloody difficult to say the least.

I haven't heard of any other major problems with the members, but if I've missed you out, let me know and I'll rectify that in the next edition.

All going well, 2007 will be a good year for everybody and I'm hoping that we can catch up and socialise a bit more with each other this year.

And on a scary note, I got a phone call from a bloke in Brisbane a couple of weeks ago.

He'd been accessing the site and reading the Nulla-Noos on a regular basis, and for a fair while by the sounds of it, and he wanted to know what was going on with the Nulla's.

I explained that I was getting tired of doing them, and that I decided to have break for a couple of months, which turned into more than I intended.

His next statement opened my eyes a bit when he said that someone over the other side suggested that we might of had disbanded the club and folded up.

About 4 nanoseconds later, he got a very emphatic NO, we have not. We just hadn't done much travelling across since the Tassie trip in late 2004.

So it seems that, as we haven't been seen in the eastern states since the 2003 rally, rumours must have been going around over there that we are no longer and have gone our separate ways.

Well, here's a Noos flash to everybody that reads the Nulla-Noos of the web-site

The Nullaboys International Motorcycle Club is still alive and kicking and we will be at the National Rally in Nuriootpa in October.

So, for those of you that have missed us, keep you're eyes open at the rally because the Nulla's WILL be back on the road again soon.

See you on the road soon ……

The annual Anzac Day Dawn Service was only 4 weeks ago, and although some of you probably decided not to attend because the weatherman said RAIN, you missed a great morning.

The morning was to its normal standards, and the crowd was there in force again this year too.

I don't know whether it's me or what, but there seems to be more people, especially younger people coming every year.

Then again, we were a bit late this year, and that put us further down the back than previous years.

At the completion of the service, it was on the bikes and a great early morning ride out to Springer's place for a magnificent spread for breakfast.

From all that attended, our thanks go to Springer, Carol and Peter for their hospitality and the beautiful spread we all enjoyed.

A very enjoyable morning, and I didn't even get wet going home, not like last year Springer ……… ha ha ha

But seriously, a very big thank you goes out to all of you, much appreciated.

Okay, it's time to be serious now.

As of the end of April, everybody is an un-financial member of the Nullaboys.

But don't panic because inside this edition, you'll find your renewal form. Hopefully, you'll re-join and send your membership back quicker than I've sent out the Nulla-Noos lately.

And your membership has stayed the same at a very affordable $ 20.00.

And I know you can afford it too, so don't give me any bull-shit stories about being broke either.

Be honest, you're hanging out to pay it and stay a member of the most exclusive motor cycle club around.

You can either pay by cash, cheque, or by direct deposit, and you WILL get your membership card within a couple of weeks of me receiving your payment …… I promise.

And remember that if you are planning to head to the National Rally with the Nullaboys, you will need to rejoin otherwise you can't come with us.

Tricky little bugger, ain't I ?? … I thought you'd like that little twist ……… ha ha ha

Well, that's it for this edition, mainly as I can't think of anything else to tell you.

Memberships are due and the form is in your hands, so the rest is up to you as to whether you re-join the Nullaboys or not.

I'd like to think that you would, and if you are planning on heading to or from the National in Nuriootpa with the Nulla's, well, I'll say no more ………ha ha ha …

Until we meet on the road again, take care, ride safe, and stay well.


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