Issue 26

July 2006

When you need to know the news, read the Nulla-Noos

Okay, this one is definitely worth reading, so settle down with a beer and let's go.

Geo starts the story from Perth … the big Darwin Ride from the beginning

Well, after all the preparations, bookings and negotiations, the kick off day arrived, with 0545 on May 17 06 seeing Benny, Bev, Aud , Geo and Chris Geilis, a new member, rolling up at Caltex Midvale to be greeted by the Grande Poo Bah, Wizard and his trusted sidekick, Luigi.

Neville and Stefan on his new FJR1300 were to meet us in York, and Dom and Lorraine, on their brand new Ultra and Sportie, would catch up as we turned left after crossing the paddock, in Pt Augusta., so a nice compact cruising group of nine Nullaboys, all riding.

After a few kind words from our master, speeding us on our way, we were away, up over Greenmount and into the faint glow of sunrise approaching.

Slowly at first through the Sawyers road works, we settled into a rhythm and with a sharp right at the Lakes were soon with Nev and Stef at the servo in York, Regina kindly providing a second farewell.

Then it was across the Avon and along the scenic Goldfields Rd, the Ks ticking past, till we emerged just east of Tammin, our scheduled fuel stop. Geo decided to push on but we only got as far as Kellerberrin before Ultra red fuel lights demanded a fill up.

It was cool but magic cruising and we made good time to Southern Cross and a major replenish all round. Refreshed we mounted up again and eventually sampled the delights of Coolgardie before plunging on to Norseman, our penultimate stop.

By now the sun was getting down a fair way towards the horizon, and with 100kms to go to Fraser Range Sheep Station, we were soon on our way.

In the event we made it with light to spare, but that last section seemed to take forever. The Station was a delight, good stone quarters, a lovely camp kitchen and an on demand shop for all our victualling needs. We demolished our barbecue packs had a slurp or two and were not long before hitting the sack, with nearly 900kms done for the day, a good little warm up.

Day two saw an 8am departure and a fuel up at Balladonia, no worries, but then the dreaded earthworks arrived, two inch thick red mud for what seemed like 15kms.

Benny leading, rapidly showed us both sides of the Ultra in quick time, before sensibly taking a narrow track on the edge of the road. Geo nearly came to grief too before we settled into a safe crawl that got us all through.

The rest of the day was uneventful and eventually we pulled into Mundrabilla to cheap fuel and another barbeque tea and a drink or two with Bruce and Steve.

Neville serenaded a sleeping truckie on start up next morning and was richly rewarded for his troubles, the rest of us being a little more circumspect in the noise dept.

A longer ride next day saw us away at 7am, with all going smoothly to Ceduna, where we stopped for the famous oysters and chardonnay and the view from "On High" …… very up-lifting.

Then it was a quick blat east to scenic little Streaky Bay and their grand hotel looking out over the Bay. We enjoyed the local whiting before strolling along the jetty and hitting the sack. A great place!

Our Day 4 first hour to was spent at low speed peering at the rising sun through fog and kangaroos, but we made it just fine.

The Wudinna Café was closed, so no pastries, and no Nullaboy Dickie either and we droned away to Port Augusta.

We rounded the final bend and there were Dom's and Lorraine's new white Harleys, just looking so clean, compared to our mud splattered mounts.

Another Paddock crossing completed for the Nullaboys, how many does that make now?

Dom and Lorraine take up the story from here as they rode from Melbourne on their new bikes and met up with the main group at Port Augusta.

The big ride report continues …but sort of restarts from Melbourne

Thursday, 18th May, 2006

We left Mooroolbark at 7.15am in fog that extended all the way into the city and beyond. The freeway leading into the city was a nightmare and the city was exactly the same.

We had previously ridden in fog in the Blue Mountains but nothing like this or for so many kilometres.

We fuelled up at Inglewood (Eucalypt country) & Ouyen (Mallee Country). An excellent road and we had it to ourselves for most of the day. Both feeling stiff but it was only our first day on the road.

Autumn trees everywhere, sheep, cows, wheat, birds, especially kookaburras.

We arrived at Mildura late afternoon and stayed at 4 Seasons Caravan Park.

Friday, 19th May … up at 7.00am and out at 8.30am

Vineyards, gully's, plateaus and lakes lead us into Renmark where we bought one of our many toasted sandwiches for the trip and of course fuel.

We noticed that the caravan park on the banks of the Murray leading into Renmark looks like it could be a good place to stay in the future.

Renmark to Morgan was dotted with sheep, wheat and very pretty distant ranges. It was then on to Burra Burra which is a wonderful old historical town with a variety of accommodation to choose from - B&B's, pubs, historical homes etc.

Burra to Spalding, Gladstone, Laura, Melrose, Wilmington - great winding roads but watch out for cows and sheep.

Again, for future reference, Laura Caravan Park & Melrose which is at the base of Mt Remarkable would be two great spots to spend a day or two.

You then have to ride through Horrick's Pass to reach Pt. Augusta and apparently it is one of quite a few spectacular passes.

We arrived at Pt Augusta approximately 4.30pm to stay at Big 4 C/P and my damn new helmet is still not comfortable.

It was here that our neighbour for the night decided to invite one of the local women to his van and so our good nights sleep did not happen.

We spoke to another neighbour who was from Hahndorf. He was in Pt. Augusta with a German Choir who tour around Australia giving concerts.

We expected the rest of the Nullas to arrive around lunch time so Dominic spent his spare time cleaning our bikes and we were very happy to see and hear the 6 Harleys and one Yamaha pull up into the service station for fuel.

They had only just arrived and Benny was involved in a verbal slinging match with a huge tow truck driver who assumed Benny had jumped the queue at the bowser. … Benny ! ! …… NEVER ! !

After eating lunch Benny led us out of Pt Augusta and onto Woomera - 170kms of smooth, great roads.

Stefan flew past [ and I mean flew past all of us ] and stopped way up ahead on a rise to take a picture of us all as we passed.

Geo then led us into Woomera, but he had not been back there for 30 years, more or less, he had forgotten his bearings. So, he led us around the town 3 times before we found our accommodation.

What eerie feelings I felt in this town - one minute, a spy town, the next, a ghost town.

The ELDO Rocket Mess was a real surprise as it was quite trendy compared to today's standards and served excellent meals and provided good accommodation (with en-suites).

Sunday morning, we walked to the museum and outdoor rocket display.

Neville chatted to a fellow Harley rider, whose name was Danny, in the car park and he just happened to be the Safety Adviser at the BHP Roxby Downs Mine.

He loved the desert and had lived there for 14 years and he proved to be a real gentleman of the desert as he went out of his way to show us around and impart a small amount of his knowledge about the mine and the job that he obviously loves.

They exchanged business cards and it was even suggested that he be nominated as an honorary Nulla.

Monday, 22nd May and it's up at 7 and out at 9am with Dominic RC and Neville the TEC.

On the ride from Woomera to Coober Pedy, we had very cool riding conditions with just a short ride of 361 kilometres today, arriving late morning into Coober Pedy.

In Geo's words "what a hotch potch of a town". Dilapidated buildings, mine diggings and down and out locals, but amongst all this is a 5 Star underground resort.

Surprisingly, people end up staying for years in the hope of finding their fortune.

An organised Sunset tour was arranged, with Devonshire Tea supplied, to see the Breakaway and the diggings was enjoyed by us all.

Tuesday, 23rd May and up at 5.45 and out at 7, again with Dominic the RC and Neville at TEC.

No dilly dallying this morning as we were all glad to leave this town as it was absolutely freezing, and according to Stefan the temperature was just 5 degrees.

The distorted silhouette of rider and bike on the left side of the road looked like a comic strip character. [ Now that's a thought … a Nulla Comic Strip Character ]

A great road again, with many huge eagles enjoying their breakfast of fresh road kill, and wandering cows on the road to keep us awake and very alert.

Breakfast was at Cadney Park, which would also be a good, clean place to stay.

Geo's gear selector rod broke at the turn off to Yulara, but a trusty electrical tie fixed the problem quick smart and should get him all the way home, apparently.

The road into Uluru was bumpy and narrow for such a well used road and we arrived at 5.30ish, so we quickly decided to see the sunset at the Rock.

Neville supplied the wine and we took glasses from each cabin. Nuts and crackers also appeared for an impromptu drinks and nibbles at sunset at the Rock.

Our evening meal with live entertainment and an assortment of people from all over the world was very enjoyable at the Outback Pioneer Hotel.

Wednesday started with a lazy morning followed by a trip to the Rock with Dominic, Neville & Stefan climbing to the top.

The rest of us sat at the base looking up at all the people of all shapes and sizes attempting to climb to the top and we shamelessly laughed at one big bottomed woman being helped down.

We also enjoyed a relatively short walk at the base of the Rock and stopped at the water pool area (very spiritual). The Cultural Centre was well worth the visit (lots of arts and crafts and culture).

The Olgas beckoned - quite as impressive as the Rock - but Benny & Bev left as she was not feeling well and Stefan left so that he could organise nibbles and drinks for another sunset at the Rock.

A friendly tourist guide offered us some champagne that his clients could not drink and then proceeded to tell Geo & Audrey that their kangaroo whistles were useless.

After another evening meal at the Outback Pioneer Hotel, Audrey suggested a walk to the lookout to view the Milky Way. I never seen it look so close and glittery.

A wonderful idea Audrey …

Thursday, 25th May and we're up at 6.45 and out at 8.00am, again with Dominic RC but this time with Benny as TEC.

Neville put us all to shame this morning as he was the only one who braved the cold and the predicted frost to see the sun rise over Uluru.

The last 200kms into Alice was absolutely spectacular.

This area must be where all the artists get their inspiration to paint Australian landscapes - White gums, Eagles galore etc.

After pulling up at a service station in Alice, Neville & Geo asked 2 women for directions to the Desert Rose Hotel.

Apparently, one of these women went to draw a mud map and then remembered that she couldn't write and didn't know her right from her left. The guys came out laughing, more confused than when they went in.

Someone was loudly sounding their horn and it turned out to be these two women who left their job and jumped into their van to lead us all to the Hotel.

By this time Bev was really sick and after we booked in, she went straight to bed.

Benny organised our evening meal of chicken, chips and salad which we all enjoyed and shared around the table in the communal kitchen.

Friday morning and Bev really needs to go to the hospital. She was put on a drip for dehydration and given some painkillers.

And whilst in the hospital, she and Benny were entertained by the comings and goings of all the local bloodied aborigines.

The rest of us headed up to the lookout which offered a fine view of the town and surrounding MacDonnell Ranges.

Audrey, Dominic & I headed off in the direction of the Todd River as we wanted to walk in the dry river bed, just because we could. And we also wanted to run the river sand through out fingers.

But the sad and sorry looking locals were making their presence felt, so we headed off to the Reptile Show and morning tea at the RFDS.

Neville rode out to see Stanley Chasm and Simpson's Gap and then we all met up at the Bird Show at the Desert Park Zoo which Stefan recommended and described as a world class natural setting zoo.

A little Italian Restaurant for pizzas and wine and then back to the communal kitchen to watch the football finished off our stay in Alice.

Funnily, Benny, Dominic and Chris all managed to buy exactly the same jackets.

Saturday, 27th May and it's up at 7.00 and out at 9.30am with Stefan R/C Benny TEC.

In sympathy for Bev, Geo suggested a late start, or was this just an excuse for all of us to have another little lie in.

Barrow Creek looked good from a distance but close up it is just another hang out for drunken locals and a drop off and pick up point for locals being driven around on a government supplied bus.

This was Stefan's debut as RC and the only criticism voiced was that he stopped at a rest area that did not have a tree to pee behind.

Also, he didn't stop at Ti Tree for fresh home made mango ice cream because he didn't like mango.

Lush green vegetation from Barrow Creek to Wycliffe Well with the Big 4 Caravan Park at Wycliffe Well our stop for the night.

It also happens to be a world renown UFO sighting area and the entire Roadhouse was painted with a UFO theme. The Caravan Park and even the bins had landscape murals painted on them and it was voted best CP for 2005.

The owner has planted hundreds of trees and improved the landscape with water being supplied from the well.

Geo organised a ride to the Devils Marbles for sunset with of course wine and nibbles, but before this we enjoyed a quick stop-over at the Wauchope Hotel for a drink or two.

There were a lot of friendly travellers at the Marbles, especially John from the Eyre Peninsula who entertained us with a few fine tunes on his piano accordion.

Geo & Neville even enjoyed a jig to one particular tune and during our evening meal back at Wycliffe, we were entertained again by an elderly gent named Ron who is a retired farmer from Manna in SA.

His usual gig is at the Wycliffe playing his organ and he can also tell a good story about the history of the area and the locals.

Audrey & Neville enjoyed a dance and I particularly liked Ron's version of the oldie but goodie China Doll.

Sunday, 28th May and it's up at 5.45 and out at 7am with Benny RC & Dominic TEC.

Tennant Creek just for fuel and breakfast was at Three Ways Roadhouse.

Very interesting because this is where the Barkly Highway from Mount Isa intersects the Stuart Highway and there was still plenty of water lying around from the Cyclone at Easter.

I counted 7 fully loaded cyclists (you have to admire them) on this stretch heading south and quite a few cattle trucks.

Dunmarra Roadhouse sells tasty home made pies, has a reptile collection on show and was a good place to catch up with footy scores.

The Highway Inn Roadhouse supplied our bed for the night and is a busy helicopter landing pad for exploration workers.

We had Benny & Bev on one side and the boys on the other, and an interesting neighbour who drank tinnies non stop, spoke loudly and entertained a local woman.

They didn't interrupt our sleep but a certain concerned fellow rider found it necessary to thump down the wooden veranda twice during the night to check on the bikes …... and I mention no names.

The Daly Waters Hotel is seriously overrated in my opinion. A good meal of Barramundi and Steak but the show put on by ????, I can't remember his name, was just plain silly.

I thought the ride back to the Inn in darkness was more thrilling than the show.

Monday, 29th May and we were up at 5.45 out at 7 with Dom RC & Neville TEC.

Stefan commented that his bacon and egg sandwich at Larrimah was his best of the trip. Neville didn't comment but later told us all that the owner had feet that hadn't been washed for months.

Dom and Neville quickly checked out the Pink Panther Hotel but after being invited in by a couple of ladies they made a quick get away.

Mataranka Springs quickly washed the memory of Larrimah away. Evidence of the recent cyclone was everywhere. The hot springs sure looked inviting and with the enticement of a bit of Barramundi fishing will bring us back here sometime in the future.

The movie "We of the Never Never" was filmed here and the house they built specifically for it is a step back into the past.

We created a bit of a stir with our rest stop at a Katherine servo. A young lad, Andrew, from the Katherine Times was interested in a story and picture about our trip. It was he first time for my picture to be in the paper.

At Edith Falls, Stefan & Neville decided to do one of the walks and so caught up with us at Cooinda. They must have been moving because they arrived at Cooinda not long after us.

Pine Creek had a good topical feel about it and it now meant we were about to start the Kakadu loop.

What a strange experience it was to see army trucks carrying tanks travelling through Kakadu.

And this is the first time I have slept in a "BOX". Well that's what it felt like to me anyway. But it was clean and simple and surrounded by palms and even had a couple of dingos who continuously did their rounds of the Resort and even howled during the night.

Barramundi and lamb shanks proved popular on both our nights here.

We were all up early, thanks to Benny, for our morning boat trip which certainly is the best time to fully appreciate the surroundings of birds, crocs, lilies, etc.

We all then went on a ride to Uburr?, which included riding through water which covered two sections of the roads.

Overlooking Arnhem Land was very unique, especially as there was water lying out there (which hasn't happened for years) vivid green growth and a controlled burn happening practically all around us.

Cooinda appeared to be a better place to stay than Jabiru.

Two NZ women recommended seeing N………..? The shady walk- trail led you up and down stairs which wound around and through the rock and finally ended up with a terrific view.

The Cultural Centre was another plus for the day.

Wednesday, 31st May … up at 6 out at 8.00am - Benny RC & Dominic TEC

A couple of Jabiru's were spotted and the South Alligator River was huge and impressive. The Aurora Resort was another option for accommodation in Kakadu and it had a more exclusive feel to it than Cooinda.

More army trucks and tanks and pot holes galore on the road.

We booked into the Big 4 Cabins in Darwin (great swimming pool - freezing water).

A lazy afternoon was enjoyed by all and the evening meal was at the Big 4 bistro and we even played a spot of trivia afterwards (much to Geo's disgust).

3 Bikes were booked into the Darwin Harley Dealer for various reasons and Geo and Chris did their own oil change.

Geo recommended Fisherman's Wharf - warm night, no wind, large fish swimming below the wharf waiting to be fed and Indonesia within our view (according to Chris that is).

On Friday night we had a meal at the Yacht Club and viewed a spectacular sunset over Fanny Bay.

Stefan had organised some "06 Darwin Run" Nullaboys T Shirts earlier and we all wore them that night.

Stefan presented one each to Geo and Audrey for all the time and effort they have put into this trip.

Saturday, 3rd June and it was up at 5.30 out at 6.30 with Dominic the RC.

We left Darwin in the dark and it was a very slow ride until daylight and we stopped at Katherine to pick up the newspaper article.

A terrible road from Katherine to Victoria River where we stopped for lunch but it's a great area for 4WD's and camping.

Some more huge potholes in the road after leaving Victoria River Roadhouse and Timber Creek would be another great 4WD area.

We arrived at Kununurra 4.30-5 and stayed at Lake View Hotel whilst Aud and Geo decided to stay at their friend's Mango farm.

The Irish Pub had just opened its doors five days earlier and had great ambiance, good meals, big TV screens and a round pool table.

Stefan was tour guide on our second day and showed us Ivanhoe Crossing (waist deep water), Diversion Dam, the town's lookout and the Burra Burra Café (great smoothies).

A sunset boat cruise on Lake Argyle was amazing. Blue water, spectacular hills, freshwater crocs, orb spiders, drinks, nibbles, etc.

As they say "You never never know if you never never go.

The ride back to town after nightfall could not be avoided and Geo and Aud's friends Lyn and Bruno invited us all back to their home for an evening meal.

Their son Darren and his partner Marion are great storytellers who love living and working in Kununurra. Mango picking season is Sept to Nov and all are welcome.

Very warm and friendly people, who welcomed us into their home and invited us to share a meal.

During the evening, we were all presented with meaningful little presents from Geo and Audrey and we shall always treasure them (I bet).

Monday, 5th June … up at 6.00 and out at 7.30 with Geo the RC.

The splinter group splinters and Stefan, Benny and Bev head off for home at 6.00am.

Windy and a winding road into Wyndham and Geo led us up to 5 Rivers Lookout where an Explorer Tourist Bus had broken down the night before.

All the overseas tourists had had to spend the night up there and in the morning the Bus had to be towed down. I would have walked.

Holding pens full of cattle waiting to be loaded onto ships was about all the activity that was happening in this town.

Geo remembers it from years ago as being a thriving town but that was when the abattoirs were open. I for one was glad to leave.

While fuelling up, Dominic started talking to an Italian biker on a brand new yellow Dyna, with jacket to match.

He was travelling around Australia on his own, but going in the opposite direction to us, and had experienced bad weather most of the way from Sydney.

Impressive rocky cliffs and winding roads all the way to Halls Creek and into the Big 4 Motel for our overnight stay.

Went for a walk around in down town Halls Creek and noticed that all the buildings had bars on all the windows.

Untidy dirty streets, Abos hanging around everywhere and lots of mangy dogs too.

Two local children and their mother kept pestering Neville and Dominic for a ride but they just politely declined over and over again.

And a lot of shouting at the bottle shop but it all died down at around 7pm.

Tuesday, 6th June … up at 6.00 and out at 7.30am with Neville RC & Dominic TEC.

And the highlight of the day - leaving Halls Creek.

We stopped at Geike Gorge and couldn't believe the water line when it's flooded.

Dominic and Neville took the long gorge walk and the rest of us took the short stroll along the gorge spotting birds, crocs, animal tracks and feeling sorry that we couldn't fit in the river cruise.

We met up with the guys who both ended up with itchy burs all over their trousers and shoes.

A lot of cattle on the road to Fitzroy Crossing and the Fitzroy Crossing Resort was a real shock after our stay at Halls Creek. This would make an excellent base to explore the area.

We met up with an English biker named Harvey who was riding a BMW 1150GS and who is also travelling on his own.

He had already travelled through America, Canada, and New Zealand and is off to South Africa after Australia.

We checked into Derby at 4-5pm and invited Harvey in for a drink. King Sound Resort used to be a bustling accommodation spot but tourism seems to be very slow at the moment.

Our evening meal at the jetty and our waitress was a lovely young girl who also works mustering on a bike and her fiancé musters by helicopter.

It can sometimes be a small world. It turns out that her fiancé's father and Neville went to school together in Meekatharra.

We had to be back at the Resort by 9pm because they locked the parking area gates as security. We were a couple of minutes late and upset the barman because he had to come out and unlock the gates for us.

Wednesday, 7th June .. up at 6.30 and out at 8.00am with Geo the RC.

A tailwind all the way into Broome, and also a lot of cattle.

We arrived at the Broome Motel at 11.30 and it has the biggest speed hump I have ever had to ride over.

Chinatown sounded good for lunch and a look around all the pearl shops was a good way to spend a few hours.

A load of washing was definitely needed that afternoon and then it was off to Cable Beach to take in the Sunset.

A paddle in the water, watching 2 yachts sail in front of the setting sun, a drink and listening to a band at the hotel were certainly highlights.

Another walk into Chinatown for our evening meal at a Chinese restaurant topped off a great day.

Day 2 in Broome saw Geo and Aud going for an early morning camel ride on the beach, Neville needing a tyre change and the rest of us did our own thing until that night when Luke, our son, invited us to the Cable Beach Caravan Park communal kitchen for a barbecue of freshly caught Kununurra barramundi and Dhu Fish.

Great food and drink and good company and we were entertained by the young backpackers, especially one attractive blonde French girl, who received a lot of attention.

The word got around that one of the hotels in town was having a wet tee-shirt competition that night and Neville and Chris decided to check it out later.

Geo was not feeling well and stayed in bed to rest up for our ride the next day.

Friday, 9th June and it's up at 5 and out at 6.30 with Dominic as RC and Neville TEC.

Fuel and breakfast stop at Sandfire, which was swarming with English and Irish backpackers on their way to Broome.

Sandfire also had many geese and peacocks roaming freely around.

Chris will never forget this roadhouse because he was charged $626 for fuel instead of $26 and he couldn't get a credit so he had to take cash.

A roadhouse with a lot of potential but nobody seems to want to spend the money or time on it.

The ride into Port Hedland was very windy and I enjoyed seeing the stockpile of salt.

We booked into the Bunkhouse at the Cooke Point C/P and had a barely passable meal at the Sportsman Bar and I found it interesting that other young guests staying in the Bunkhouse thought it quite alright to brush their teeth in the communal kitchen sink.

I needed to make a midnight visit to the local hospital but could not wake Geo or Aud up but we knew that as soon as we started up the bike, Geo would be out to see what was going on.

Saturday, 10th June .. up at 6 and out at 8.00am …Dom RC & Neville TEC

Our breakfast at Whim Creek was a very pink pub in the desert.

Strait Resources Mining Co runs the re-stored pub with a very young staff. The copper mine is very close by with mine activities all around the pub. Geo felt right at home in this environment.

Sturt Peas were very abundant for quite a distance before and after Whim Creek.

We visited the historical Roebourne jail and read and saw pictures of how barbarically the aborigines were treated.

Cossack is a little re-stored paradise in the middle of nowhere and accommodation is available. Great craft shops and a mighty river running alongside the town.

Dominic & I went off to find our accommodation at the Dampier Mermaid Hotel, with ocean views thank you very much, and the rest went to Point Samson for lunch.

The receptionist rides a 600cc Kawasaki that she keeps at Mandurah and she let us all park our bikes in front of her unit for security.

We should have left at 6am today but because I was sick we had to spend another day in Dampier.

All was not lost though because the Dockers and Eagles games were on TV that day.

We finished off our stay in Dampier with a meal and entertainment by local bands at the HHYC. The licensee was very welcoming and a keen rugby supporter and whilst walking back to our rooms we saw the resident rock wallaby that lives below the Mermaid.

Monday, 12th May … up at 5.45 and out at 7.00am with RC Neville & TEC Dominic.

A brisk pace was set today by the RC, even to the extent that he would ride off before we had our helmets on and bikes warmed up.

Chris got so flustered at one stop that he put his right glove on his left hand and his left glove on his right hand.

Nanutarra Roadhouse is the place NOT to stop for fuel or food, especially when you pay $ 5.60 for a pie and $ 7.50 for a toasted sandwich.

Thankfully, we had a tail wind all the way into Coral Bay with beautiful scenery and wattle trying hard to bloom.

We arrive at sleepy Coral Bay after going through a huge amount of road kill- giant roos.

We stay at the new Backpackers Hostel … what Nulla madness - 6 of us in one room for 2 nights. I think we have to blame Chris for this. The crystal clear sparkling water invites you in for a swim and the Coral Reef Explorer boat deserves a look as well.

The low-fat, low-cholesterol bakery was patronised well and the Hotel served up a good meal and it was also screening the soccer. All the overseas backpackers were cheering for Australia.

Geo enjoyed bestowing the "Poser of the Day" award on Neville, who rode his bike, with legs outstretched on his highway pegs, all of 500mtrs down the main road of Coral Bay to see the sights.

He vehemently denies this "I was getting fuel" he said.

Aud & Geo came back to the room after the soccer game and they definitely need lessons on how to whisper (even if Geo is hard of hearing) because I could hear everything they were saying in their hushed voices.

Geo must also be quite proud of his Y front underpants because he leaves them on the floor for all to see after changing his clothes, and I would not have a clue what time The Boys arrived back.

Nobody slept well that night because blankets were not supplied and we all froze. Jackets, socks, jumpers, etc did not seem to help.

Luke caught up with us again and we all had another great meal together at the hotel. Luke hit two roos coming into Coral Bay in the dark.

Snorkelling, swimming, sleeping, eating, girl watching, playing pool etc were the activities for our last rest day.

Wednesday, 13th June … up at 5.45 and out at 7.00am …Dominic was the RC.

Destination - Geraldton.

As soon as you walk into Wooramel Roadhouse, you can smell the pastry. The owner is a pastry cook, chef by trade and baked fresh every day. He blames his father because he had to work in their bakery from a young age of about 10. Child slave labour he calls it.

Dominic can relate to this as he was bought up on a market garden and Geo also had to work in the family orchard.

Goats galore on the side of the road after Carnarvon, but they must be smarter than cattle and roos because there were none dead on the road.

From Northampton, we could see rain in the distance. We managed to skirt one shower but had to ride for 50k in the next.

Geo and Aud went off to Geo's cousin's house and the rest of us stayed at Neville's brother Phil's house for the night and we ate a delicious home cooked meal, thanks to Pete, of silverside, white sauce and vegetables.

We were made very welcome and we really appreciated their hospitality.

Thursday, 15th June … up at 6.30 and out at 7.30 with Neville RC & Dominic TEC.


Geo's cousin and husband rode with us to Dongara. We said our goodbyes and thanked Geo and Aud again for this wonderful trip.


Just a couple of thank you's ……

  • Thank you Audrey for opening up a whole new hobby of bird spotting and your bike riding prowess is a real inspiration to me.
  • Thank you Geo and Neville for your great capacity of being able to make people laugh and also your interesting storytelling.
  • Thank you Chris for your dry sense of humour.
  • Thank you my bike buddy Bev for being safely in front or behind me on the road on yet another long distance trip.
  • Thank you Benny for just being you.
  • Thank you Dominic for all the packing, and unpacking, of my bike, the continual fuelling up and all the other little but many things you did along the way.

A small Trivia Test - for those who went.











Well, that made my job of writing an edition of Nulla-Noos dead easy … thanks to everybody concerned.

Until the next exciting issue of Nulla-Noos, stay safe and ride often.


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