Issue 25

May 2006

When you need to know the news, read the Nulla-Noos

Nulla-Noos 25, and the beginning of a new riding season as Australia's best club.

That's of course, if you've paid your membership dues. Otherwise, this could be your very last Nulla-Noos.

You know the deal, No Money - No Noos, so if you haven't renewed your membership yet, like so many others already have, you had better get your dues to me real soon.

Otherwise, this will be the last edition of Nulla-Noos you will receive, and you'll be deleted from the email too.

And it's not my fault, it's your's for not parting with your money.

The big Darwin ride gets underway in just a couple of weeks, so if your situation has changed, and you've found 4 weeks of your time to go, you had better get hold of Geo and let him know you're coming.

Departure date is 0600 hours on Wednesday, May 17th, from the servo at the bottom of Greenmount.

To everybody that's going, I'm sure I speak for all the Nulla's when I wish you all a safe, enjoyable and trouble free ride.

Bring back plenty of good memories, and if you are taken a digital camera, I'll have a copy of ALL of the photos please.

Let me know when you get home and I'll come over with the laptop and copy them straight onto it.

And a safe journey to all.

The March 10th meal held at Nicholson's Bar & Grill in Canning Vale was a great night, and I'm sure that everybody that attended would agree with me.

20 Nulla's made the night a great success, and I'm sure that not one of us went home hungry either.

The meals were HUGE, and they were well priced too.

The group was spread over 2 tables, but in the function centre, mingling was not at problem as we certainly weren't squashed in.

This one was organised by Dom - the Godfather - DiPietro, and mate, you did a great job.

Like Geo, [ I believe he's been appointed as our new head road captain … ha ha ha ] I may have a position available in the club as "Functions Coordinator" …… if you're interested.

An excellent night for all that attended and a great place to have a meal and a catch-up. Well done Dom, great job.

Anzac day and the weather report was for rain, so I wasn't looking forward to going to the dawn service and standing in the rain, but I was still going regardless of the weather.

I reckon it's the least I can do for ALL of the diggers that gave up their lives to keep this country as a safe place for me to live in.

Think about living somewhere else in the world, like Afghanistan or Iraq, and then maybe you'll understand what I'm on about.

We live in a great country, without a care in the world compared to other places that are torn up in little pieces.

Can you imagine Perth with bombed out buildings and tanks rolling down the streets, car bodies and dead people everywhere …... I can't and I really don't want to either.

The older I get, the more I love this country, the people, and the relative safety in which we live.

And it's all because of the stand that those brave young souls made all those years ago…… but enough of the soap-box shit.

I woke up at 4.30am and it was pouring down outside, but by the time I got up at 5.00am, the rain had gone and the stars were out in the sky, so I left home with the hope of a good morning.

I met up with Luigi and we headed for Kings Park to meet up with the rest of the attending Nulla's.

Dom, Grubby and his 2 boys and Springer were the only others that attended this year. But we did our bit for the day by attending, and weather stayed clear for the service.

After that, we headed north up the freeway to Luigi's place for breakfast, and his family had prepared the typical wog spread … more food than the starving hordes could jump over.

Snoopy, Ros, Tam, Lego, and little Brock turned up a bit after we arrived and we had a great feed.

A typical Nulla breakfast of bacon, eggs, sausages, baked beans, pastries, muffins, croissants, OJ, coffee … you name it and it was on the table somewhere.

Around 9.30am and a couple of the boys decided to head off for home, and I think that was a smart move because the weather started looking pretty ugly not long after they left.

I left at 10.30am and got drowned on the short journey home. But it was worth it, as I arrived home with a full tummy and a happy feeling inside.

And I can now claim to have attended 32 consecutive dawn services.

And it'll be on again next year too, and I can tell you that Anzac Day breakfast will be held at Springer's place, because it's already booked. Get ready Carol …… here we come ……ha ha ha.

You'll notice that the Nulla-Noos is getting shorter each edition. That's because I'm running out of shit to type and tell you.

If you have any interesting, or even boring news to pass on, send it to me anyway you can and I'll print it in so everybody can read it.

Anyway, that's it until the next edition, [ that's if you're financial of course ] stay safe and stay healthy.

And sorry for the short [ old ] Noos, but read the next edition that's included with this one, it's much bigger.


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