Issue 24

March 2006

When you need to know the news, read the Nulla-Noos

Nulla-Noos 24 … that means this is the end of 4 years of typing this to you, and also that the end of the membership year is coming up too.

With this edition, you'll find your 2006 / 2007 membership renewal form because memberships are due on the 1st of May.

To retain your membership of this prestigious club, you'll need to attach some money to it and send it back to the memberships officer [ that's me ] and then I'll forward you out your 2006/2007 Membership card.

At only $20.00 per annum, it's the cheapest club membership you'll ever pay, and you get this great noos letter every couple of months, keeping you up-to-date with the latest and greatest news of the Nullaboys.

What a bargin ! ! !

Now on with the Noos.

The BBQ that was held on Australia Day at Pop & Di's was a great success and I'm sure it was enjoyed by all that attended.

Our thanks must again go to them for opening up their home and allowing us to view the Lotto Skyworks Fire show from the balconies around their home.

Most of the attendees arrived well before 5.00pm, and once the BBQ was over, we took up vantage spots to view the nights festivities for afar.

With the fireworks being all over by around 9.00pm, nearly all had left by the time I departed at 9.15pm, leaving Pop & Di in peace and quiet again.

Hopefully, it will become another annual tradition, like the Anzac Dawn Service, with even more of the members attending next year.

Speaking of the Anzac Dawn Service, it's going to be on again, meeting at the Kings Park clock tower at 6.00am.

From there, we will walk with the crowds to the service, and at the conclusion of the morning service, we will head off to somewhere for breakfast.

Last year, we headed down to Benny & Bev Lupica's hideaway in Mandurah for breakfast.

Unfortunately, they will be away this year, so we will need to find a new place to ride to for breakfast.

But that's no big deal as there's plenty of roads around and there's always something at the end of them.

That decision can be made on the morning anyway, unless someone comes up with a good idea before hand.

An email will be sent out to remind you of the event before hand anyway.

The next Nullaboys get-together will be on Friday night - March 10th and by now, you should've all received the reminder email that has been sent out.

The venue is the Nicholson Bar & Grill in Canning Vale, and if you haven't replied to Domenic to tell him that you're coming, you had better pull your finger out and do it now.

A booking deposit has to be paid, and if you don't do it through Dom, then you'll be sitting on your own somewhere else.

The launch for the Nullaboys sponsored HQ Race Car was held on Saturday - February 4th and it went off without a hitch.

Over 100 people attended the launch during the afternoon and all that attended were impressed with the professionalism of the team.

The race car is finished and ready to race, and looked great with all of its signage completed.

The crew shirts have turned out well too, with the Nullaboys logo located prominently on the back of the neck on the shirt.

Only a couple of the Nullaboys turned up for the launch, but Luigi, Snoopy and Domenic, all said that the BIG Nullaboys logo on the boot lid looked really good.

With 9 local race meetings this season, as well as attending the national titles in Darwin in late June, it will be a very hectic season.

And I'm sorry for the late email about the event, but with all of the confusion and the organizing happening for the launch, I forgot to invite the most important people, the Nullaboys.

Slap me next time we catch up and I'll not do it again.

The first race meeting is a night meeting being held at Barbagallo Raceway Saturday - March 4th, so if you're looking for somewhere to go, try coming to the race track for a look.

The team will be on-site from lunchtime and we have an allocated shed at the track, so if the race car is not on the track when you arrive, head for the pits area and you'll find us in one of the enclosures.

You'll be welcomed, probably by me, and give you guided tour of the car and introduce you to the members of the team.

Hang around until the end of the night, and you'll probable get a drink and a snag of the BBQ too.

Unfortunately, due to work commitments, I've had to pull-out of this years ride over the top to Darwin and back.

But, Geo has taken the bike by the handlebars so to speak, and is organising this ride for the group.

If you would like to go, please get in contact with Geo and find out what's happening.

There will be the normal pre-ride meetings being held somewhere, and Geo has asked if I could attend just to answer any questions that may pop up.

And if things change with my employment situation, I'll be going, but as just one of the pack, which will make a change from being at the front all the time.

Departure day is Wednesday May 17th and it's planned to be about 4 week trip.

So, if you would like to go with the group, Geo is the main man for this ride, so get hold of him and find out the details etc.

I'll lay odds that he'll do a bloody great job of it too, probably better than me.

And Geo, if you do, it could turn into a full time position, and I won't even fight you for it either.

With any luck, by the time you read this edition of Nulla-Noos, we will have new place to hold BBQ's and get-togethers in future.

Your esteemed leader, that's me, has put his hand in his pocket, [ the bank's actually ] and purchased a factory unit in Wangara.

The shed at home was getting too small for all the crap I've accumulated, so basically, I decided to get a bigger shed.

But as the council wouldn't let me put a bigger structure up at home, the only other option was to buy a factory unit.

It's only about 4kms from home and it's on the way to Luigi's place, so it's not a big hassle to go there to hang out.

The plan is for it to house most the junk that doesn't get used a great deal at home and I've purchased a hoist and some other "essential" items that any good shed should have.

So now I'll have room to build all of those things I've always want to play with and build … a hot-rod, maybe a couple of pinball machines, you know good stuff that only boys can understand.

And there's nothing like a shed party with your mates and there's certainly plenty of space for that and maybe even somewhere to hold Nulla get-togethers on those crappy cold winter days that'll be here soon.

That reminds me, I better get a new BBQ for the shed …… Damn, now I've got go shopping again.

It seems that one of our Nullaboys must be real sweet on his lady friend right now.

One of our eastern state spies reported seeing one of the Nullaboys doing some special shopping in a very up-market jewellers establishment in Collins Street - Melbourne `a couple of weeks ago.

Could this be the pre-cursor to a special event happening in the future ??

Who knows, maybe we might all have to get ready for the first Nulla wedding soon.

Not much else to tell you in this edition, apart from reminding you again to contact Domenic on 0417 971 722 if you are coming to the meal on Friday March 10th.

And if you're thinking about doing the big ride to Darwin and back with Geo, contact him on 0428 920 033 for the details on the ride.

After the meal, the next event will be the Anzac Day Dawn Service, so if you can't make it to the meal, I hope to see you there.

Ride safe, and see you soon.


Your President & Editor & Functions
Manager & Ride Organiser & Complaint
Officer and General Dogsbody