Issue 23

January 2006

When you need to know the news, read the Nulla-Noos

Now that the madness that this time of the year brings with it is nearly over, it's time to welcome in the New Year.

I hope that you have all had an enjoyable festive season and have arrived into 2006 without too much of a hang-over.

On behalf of all the members of Nullaboys International Motor Cycle Club, I would like to wish everyone a safe, happy and prosperous 2006.

And now on with the Noos ……

Our breakfast run to Meckering on Sunday December 18th went well with 13 members attending the last ride of 2005.

We left the servo in Midvale nearly on time, and this time, it wasn't Springer who was the last to arrive, but Yoda, arriving a couple of minutes late.

Luckily, we were still getting sorted and dressed, otherwise he would've been playing catch-up on the road.

And as usual, the weatherman got it wrong too by forecasting a pleasant 27° day which turned out to be a 35° day.

The ride out to Meckering was uneventful and apart from the road works, all the bikes went well. Even Pop's re-built [ for about the 4th time ] Road King was well-behaved.

Thankfully, there was no need to carry a truck load of spares on this trip for Poppy's bike.

When we arrived, Tony & Annette at the Meckering servo had set up a big table for us, and they had plenty of Xmas decorations around the room too.

Breakfast was the usual feast, and most of us struggled to consume all that we had each ordered, but that's pretty normal for us nowadays.

I think it has something to do with some ones "Eyes being bigger than their Belly

[ Sorry, it was a joke on the day and you had to be there ]

After breakfast, before we saddled up for the run home, we checked out the Earthquake Memorial across the road. Well worth the look if you have time.

The intention was to come home via York, and we may have spent a bit longer on the bikes coming home if it wasn't so bloody warm.

But being the first warm day for quite some time, it was decided the best idea was to head straight home and cool off quickly as possible, which is what we did.

The road-works are still continuing between Sawyers Valley and the Lakes, which slowed the coming home again and that made the run both a bit boring and a lot warmer than anticipated.

Stopping at the Darling Range pub at the bottom of Greenmount hill, we had a couple of cooling drinks, said our Xmas wishes and good-byes to each other and went our separate ways.

A great run, with great friends and it will be done again in the future. I just hope that the weatherman can get the temperature a bit more accurate next time.

As with most clubs, we will always find it difficult to get everybody together in one place at one time.

Just to meet up and go for a ride somewhere as a group is a near impossible mission, because even though we like to ride our bikes, there's always something else that pops up and our plans seem to change overnight.

We all have business, family, sporting, social and all sorts of other commitments that we need to maintain and keep on top of too.

So, after discussions with a couple of others in the club, the suggestion has been put forward that mix up what we plan to do and hopefully, this year, there will be a few options for everyone to enjoy.

It is hoped that we will be able to arrange some sort of a meeting or function once every 4 or 5 weeks.

These events may just be a ride to somewhere, or maybe a BBQ, or perhaps a meal at a restaurant somewhere.

Hopefully, this way, we will be able to stay in touch a bit more often than our "once a year" big ride across the country.

So with this idea in mind, the next Nullaboys event will be held at the Smallwood residence in Lesmurdie on Australia Day.

Pop & Di have kindly volunteered their home for a BBQ and Drinks night so we can watch the fireworks over the Swan River from up on the hill that night.

Arrival time is around 4.30pm at 45 George Road - Lesmurdie, and it's BYO meat and drinks function as per normal.

The only request is that you let them know you're coming so they can provide enough salads etc for the horde of people expected.

Email Pop on … …or by the telephone at work on … 9244-3553 … or at home on … 9291-9639

After this event, Luigi is planing another restaurant meal for a Saturday night sometime around the end of February.

The last meal was a great night out and I'm hoping that the next one will be just as good.

I'll let you know about the time and place when it's all sorted out.

Then in April we will hold the now traditional Dawn Service event on Anzac Day, with a ride afterwards to somewhere for breakfast.

This one grows every year, and I'm very pleased to see more of you attending each year.

As you can see, there will be a variety of events coming up in 2006, and hopefully, there will be something for everyone.

And if you've got any ideas on something we can do for a function, let me know and we'll arrange it and slot it into the year somewhere.

Okay, this is big and the petrol-heads amongst us should get a little excited about this one.

The Nullaboys have entered into an agreement to be a sponsor of a HQ race car team at Barbagallo Raceway this year.

Now don't get all excited about the amount of money I've emptied from the bank account to achieve this sponsorship agreement because I haven't done anything that silly.

Well not yet anyway ……

One of our members, Lorenz "Lego" Legenstein, and a couple of mates, have purchased a existing HQ Holden race car from a retiring driver and will be racing it this year between February and October.

The team is also planning on attending the National HQ Holden titles, which are being held in Darwin at the end of June 2006.

Coincidently, this is the same weekend as the V8 Supercars event is being run in Darwin.

I will be providing the teams Crew Shirts and also loaning a few other personal items that I've had lying around in my shed for a bit of added assistance to the team.

The cost of the crew shirts is still being negotiated through my business contacts but rest assured, any costs involved in this venture will be financed by "other means", not the Nullaboys bank account.

As "sponsors" of the team, we will have the Nullaboys logo emblazoned across the boot of the vehicle for all too see.

And as members of the Nullaboys, you will gain some benefits from this sponsorship agreement too.

For those of you who would like to attend the race days at Wanneroo or in Darwin for that matter, you will be able to enter the pit garage and view the race car at very close range.

You will also be able to enjoy the after-race BBQ's, if you wish to stay for awhile after the racing day finishes.

But before the racing season starts, which is sometime early February, there will be an official launch of the Race Team and the Race Car for all of the sponsors.

And that means that you, as either a curious or interested member, are welcome to attend as well.

When the car is finished, and all the signage has been completed, I'll take some photo's and print them in the Noos.

But only having a black and white printer, you'll have to use your imagination a little bit for a colour shot, or come along to the launch for the real thing.

I'll keep you all informed of the launch date and I'll send out an email once the date and place has been finalised.

For now though, lots of work has to be done to get the race car, and the team, ready for the 2006 season.

Yeah, I know, it's another short Nulla-Noos.

It's been a bit quiet lately, so I don't have a lot more to tell you right now.

However, feel free to send me something for the Noos …… only if you want too of course.

Ride safe and stay well.


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