Issue 22

November 2005

When you need to know the news, read the Nulla-Noos

Issue 22, and another load of interesting stuff to read, I hope.

First up is the story of 3 bored Nulla’s that decided to go for a ride…just cause…

The 2005 SA State HOG Rally was held in Berri, 250kms north-east of Adelaide this year, so Radar, Spider and myself decided it was a good excuse for a ride across the paddock to attend it.

We left Perth on Saturday morning September 24 and, apart from a little bit of drizzle leaving town, we had a fairly uneventful ride on the first day, although we did have a blustery head wind all day.

We arrived into Norseman and got settled, and then the rain must’ve caught up to us and the heavens opened up.

It looked like it was going to be a pretty bleak start for the following mornings departure as it pissed with rain all night.

However, just after we left Norseman in the rain, it cleared and the day turned out quite nice, apart from the chill in the air and those bloody head winds.

But the rain was obviously in front of us somewhere as there was a lot of water on the side of the road, and nearly every fuel stop had huge lakes instead of driveways out the front of them.

Into Border Village that night, and the booking that I had made seemed to disappear, leaving me to wonder why I even bother making them anymore.

I was having trouble seeing Radar behind me during the ride as he had lost his headlight on the first day, so he decided to replace the lamp whilst the sun was still up.

After a quick shower, clean clothes, and a couple of drinks at the bar, it was time for a good meal in the restaurant.

But that was not to happen as they had a bus full of geriatrics booked, so we had to be content with a crappy counter meal that was bloody small and very over-priced.

Being a little pissed off, we decided to help ourselves to the left-over bread rolls from the oldies tables, and eventually managed to bolster our meals with them.

And we’ve finally worked the time on the Nullarbor now, and discovered that as soon as you leave Border Village, the clock changes to Adelaide time.

Border Village is on Central time, Nullarbor is on Adelaide time, which explains why we had breakfast at Nullarbor at 11.30am on one trip awhile back.

We were up early in the morning, leaving with the sunrise, so it made no difference to us and we arrived into Nullarbor for breakfast at 8.00am, still with the bloody head winds.

Past Yalata and onto Nundroo for fuel and they too had huge puddles around the place, so the rain was definitely in front of us.

Ceduna for lunch, and I found out from Sharon that they had 70mm in 4 hours yesterday. That explained the puddles and I thought, Thank God it was yesterday …

Arriving into Wudinna and it was straight to the servo for fuel so we could leave early in the morning, and as I’m fuelling up, this bloke on a japer turns up and pulls up right next me, and just stares though his dark visor.

My first thought was “What’s this wankers problem”.

He took his helmet off and I was ready for a mouthful of abuse for something, but it was only Gee-Jay from Adelaide. He said he was going to hook up with us in Port Augusta in the morning, but decided to ride through to Wudinna instead.

His timing was near perfect as we had only just arrived in town too, so it made for a group of 4 that night at the pub.

I dropped around to catch up with Dick Waters, the baker, just to see if he was going to the rally but he was down the road at Wirrilla.

We left early in the morning again, and we had a beautiful day for riding again, apart from the bloody head winds again.

The bikes were running great in the cool but the fuel economy was shithouse with the winds.

I arrived at nearly ever fuel stop with the fuel reserve light on, so I was glad of having a full jerry can in the trailer, just in case. I hadn’t had to use it yet, but I was fairly sure I was going to sometime on this trip.

Into Adelaide and Radar and Greg headed straight to the caravan park and to our same cabin up the back. Spider and I headed to the shops for supplies, and some cold grog.

Greg’s wife Kim, and their kids, Shannon and Taylor, had a BBQ with us that night at the C/V park. A good night was had, with a lot of laughs.

Spider and Radar had their bikes booked in for Services on Wednesday morning, so they left and headed in to drop them off and have breaky at around 7.30am.

They came back in a rental car, as it worked out cheaper to hire the car for the day than to get a cab in and out. $28.00 per day for a “Diahatsu Cuoro”. Talk about “not so squeezie”, it wasn’t much bigger than a matchbox inside.

We took it to Glenelg for tea that night, and you should’ve seen it with Radar and me in the front and Spider in the back, what a laugh. It was … snug …to say the least

Thursday was a lazy day, and apart from a bit of wash of clothes, and washing of bikes, we didn’t do too much.

Friday morning, up early, pack the bikes and head for the rally site at Berri.

On the road at 6.30am, and way to early, we decided to stop at Nuriootpa, about 100kms out just for a coffee.

Leaving Nuriootpa, as we went to swing back onto the main highway to Berri, Radar went to take off and snapped the drive-belt on his bike.

This was a major problem, as not only was his bike stuffed, he was dragging a trailer too, so that just added to the drama of what the hell we were going to do.

A couple of phone calls to Peter Stevens to locate a belt and the necessary bits for the repairs, with hopes that they could repair the bike at the rally proved fruitless as they didn’t have a belt in stock.

The belt wouldn’t arrive until Tuesday morning, Monday being a public holiday in Adelaide.

Luckily, Wayne, an employee from the local Bridgestone Tyre dealer, saw us wandering around aimlessly at the intersection and came over asking if he could help out in anyway.

We explained our situation and he went back and spoke with his boss, Dave Muir and he came back with an offer to store the bike and trailer at his premises and pick it up on the way home from the rally.

Just to get it off the road, and away from a dangerous high speed intersection, we accepted his offer and pushed the bike down the road and around the corner into the yard.

After more discussions with Dave, our negotiations had the bike, and the trailer, on the back of his service truck and on its way back to Adelaide.

1 x employee, 1 x truck, 200kms round trip, 4 hours lost labour time … Shit, how much is this gonna cost ???

Spider and I are thinking $200-300 would be a great price. Shit, even $400 would be okay, considering our situation and where we are.

So how much was the charge for getting us out of the shit …… Dave charged Radar $100 for his services and more importantly, getting us well and truly out of trouble.

We owe these guys a huge debt because without their help, we would be still sitting on the side of the road, scratching our heads trying to solve this dilemma.

So, with Radar, his bike and trailer on the truck and on their way back to Adelaide, Spider and I continued to the rally and left Radar to hire a car and meet us out there later.

We are arrived at the rally site, registered, put up the tents and settled in to wait for Radar to arrive later. He turned up 5 hours later, and was not impressed at being at a rally without his bike.

The rally itself was pretty typical with the normal entertainment being held, barrel rolls, slow races, etc. The thunder ride was great as it went for around 100kms and through towns in the area.

But it has lost its shine and attraction because of the dramas we had on the road and Spider, Radar and I decided to leave on Sunday morning with Radar heading back to Adelaide to wait for his bike and Spider and I heading for Perth.

I needed to be back this week as I have to return to work on Monday, but Radar doesn’t need to back for another week. Spider also had another week off, but had to choose wether to go with Radar, or me, and he decided it was me.

Our ride home was done in 3 days from Berri to Wudinna, to Balladonia, and then to Perth.

Running with the sun is certainly easier, although we tried to go to far on Day 2 and ended up riding in the dark for the last 50kms into Balladonia, something I would not do again.

At that time of night, there’s a lot of scary things out there, and anything that moves can scare the shit out of you.

Radar got the bike back on the road Tuesday night and left Wednesday morning for the ride home on his own.

Apart from leaving his top box open and losing his glasses somewhere on the Nullarbor, and having an oil leak appear from somewhere, his ride was also done in 3 days.

Looking back on it, I think we had a good time, although Radar would probably not agree with that, due to the unexpected costs of major repairs, hire cars, extra accommodation and having to come home along again.

And Spider made a very interesting observation too. He has now ridden across the paddock 3 times with Radar, yet he has never come home with him.

Early 2004 they went to Geelong for Victorian Rally, and crashed. Radar rode home, Spider flew home.

Then in late 2004, we went to Tassie, Radar came home with Grubby, Spider with Pop.

And this run again saw Radar on his own coming home, and Spider with me.

So that leaves the question to ask, is it Radar with the bad luck, or is it Spider ???

The only other drama we has was Spider picked up the flu somewhere on the trip and decided to share it with me on the way home.

As I said earlier, I was going back to work on the Monday, but I ended up flat on my back for a further 2 weeks with the bloody flu, and I’m still sporting a bit of it now nearly 5 weeks later.

Shit happens I suppose, but it’s not the way I planned to finish my holiday.

Spring is here, the weather is looking better every day, so I reckon it’s time to start looking at some day trips.

I’ll work some out and send you an email with the details of when and where.

As this is the last Nulla-Noos before Christmas, I’d like to wish each and every one of you a safe and happy time with your families, and hope that the festive season is a good one for everybody.

Hopefully, we’ll all catch up with each other soon, but until then, take care and stay safe.


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