Issue 21

September 2005

When you need to know the news, read the Nulla-Noos

Well, it's taken a few years for people to realise that we exist, but now we have been recognised as a part of Australia's motorcycling fraternity.

We have succeeded in gaining national recognition, and not just within HOG circles, but as a group that has a place in motorcycling history.

We now have our name in print, and in one of Australia's leading Harley-Davidson magazines - " Heavy Duty ".

In the July-August edition - Issue 61 of the magazine, in Despatch, which is the readers Letters Section, Griffo from Victoria has asked questions on crossing the paddock and our good mate Tex, from the SA HOG Chapter, has immortalised us ……. forever.

And am I chuffed ?? Damn right I am !!

He refers to us as, and I quote " The Nullaboys are, by definition, the experts in crossing the Nullarbor " and there's reference to the Nulla web-site, which he says is " fantastic ", and that's all Spider's work.

Take a bow Spider, on a job well done.

Now, you may not think so, but I reckon this is a pretty big deal for us, and you should be damn proud of being a Nullaboy now and wear your gear with pride.

I mean, not everybody gets a mention in this magazine, and with the circulation of it, the Nulla's will be even more recognised around the country than we were before.

I suppose I'll have to buy Tex a beer or three at the next SA State Rally, now that we're such big celebrities ……. ha ha ha

" Long Live The Nullaboys "

The number has increased to 3 now for the run to the SA State Rally in Berri.

So far, it's looking like it's just Radar, Spider and myself heading across the paddock this year to attend the SA State Rally.

I haven't heard from anyone else intending to go, but there's still time. So if you feel like a 2 week adventure, let me know.

Departure date is Saturday, September 24th and returning in time to return to work on Monday - October 10th.

If you feel like a little 2 week break and a quick squirt over and back, let me know.

There are plans under way for a New Years Eve bash at Nulla HQ.

It all depends on you guys and what you have planned for the evening, and if we're lucky, we may even have a special guest coming over from Victoria to attend too.

More to follow as time gets closer, but if you have no special plans for this year yet [ which I doubt ] pencil in the Nulla Bash just in case.

Okay Nulla's, now it's time for you to help me out with a small problem that I think I have.

As Luke is getting older, he wants to play with the computer more and more, and as I've always been a little paranoid about him downloading bugs into the thing, I've decided to give him the old computer and lash out on a newie, just for me and for the Nulla stuff.

So, I bought a new laptop but during the process of setting it up, I think some of your email address's have disappeared from the list when I have transferred the data across from the old system.

If you haven't received an email from me in the last week or so, I can pretty well guarantee that you've drop of the list.

If you haven't heard from me for awhile via email, could you send me one please. It doesn't have to say anything, just send it next time you log on so I can get your details and reload you, that's if you were unlucky enough to get the flick and disappear into cyberspace.

Speaking of Luke, we went for an early morning run out to Meckering on Saturday 20th August, as he was curious about the earthquake we had nearly 37 years ago.

It was about 4° and fine as we left home at 8.00am, but I'll swear it got bloody colder as we went over hills and through Northam.

Fuel and breakfast was definitely the first mission at Meckering, and after we warmed up a little, we headed off for a little walk to see the sights around town.

The people of Meckering have retained the history of the event and the devastation caused with a great display of memorabilia being on show across the road from the service station.

From there, we headed out to have a look at the Salisbury homestead, and the remains of the stone block home that was built in 1904. Apart from the ravages of time, and probably a few vandals, it still shows the effects of the 6.9 shaking it got on October 14th 1968.

After spending 10 or so minutes taking it all in, we headed towards York, and the preserved site of the fault line on Quellington Road.

This is where evidence of the earthquake is the strongest, with a detailed map of the fault line and with the sight of the ground swell that came from 7kms below the earths surface.

The locals told us that tremors, between 2.5 and 4.2 on the Richter scale, are still being felt every couple weeks in the town, and that those movements are being monitored by the CSIRO in Canberra.

And they're not worried as they have been told that as long as they're getting these little ones, they won't get another big one like the 6.9 in 1968 for many years to come.

Well, that's refreshing to know, I think !!

After spending a good 30 minutes here, walking around and kicking rocks, we continued onto York for a drink, and then homeward bound.

For those of you that wish to reminisce, or if you've never seen what remains of this historic WA event, it's worth the ride for a look.

I had a great time, explaining to Luke what I knew about the actual earthquake, and how and why they happen, and I'm pretty sure that he walked away with a bit of an education on WA history and probably a new appreciation of what the forces of mother-nature can do when she wants too.

Well worth the cold early morning run, it's a great way to spend 6 hours on a Saturday …………and the "Earthquake" breakfast we had at the Meckering servo was bloody beautiful too.


For those of you that have a liking for a good wine, or perhaps like to think of yourself as a bit of a wine buff, you might like this offer.

Enclosed in this issue, you will find a pink order form from Wovenfield Wineries.

This label and vineyard is part of Doc Martin's many investments and being a true Nullaboy, he has offered his wines to us at a special introductory offer.

As a new wine label on the block, he needs recognition for his product, and who better to get him that recognition but the world renowned Nullaboys.

If you're interested in wines, and you want to be one of the first on your block to give this label a try, fill out the order form and send it off.

I'm sure Doc will be more than happy to take the money from your hand, deliver it personally if you ask him, and then probably help you to drink it too, if you give him half a chance.

And if it's shit, I suppose you can always use it to lift the oil stains from the driveway …… ha ha ha ha

For those of you that feel like a good feed, Hans has another of his magnificent breakfast runs coming up.

This is a HOG event, so unless you're a financial member of the Perth Chapter, you can forget about reading any further.

Sunday, September 18th is the day set aside for this run, and departure time is 8.00am from the Fraser's car park, so if you have the time, I'm sure that Hans would appreciate your attendance.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and if that's the case, I've got millions of words locked inside this computer.

I think I'll include photos in every edition from now on, because they can say so much about a person can't they ??

You know, the more I play with the computer, the more I discover I can do with it.

Would I be worried about my picture turning up on here … Damn right I would be.

Of course, if you're worried about seeing your face in this publication, my silence can be bought … and quite cheaply too.

Once again, this edition of Nulla-Noos is a little bit shorter than the norm and that's because I've run out of things to write again.

I could some more pictures in it, but then you'd probably be trying to burn me at the stake by Saturday.

Best if I keep some of them for the next edition, share them around a bit sort of thing.

I bet you're looking forward to the next edition now.

Ride safe, and don't forget to send me the email contact details.


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