Issue 19

May 2005

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Luke & I went on our first HOG breakfast run last weekend, well the first in a bloody long time anyway.

And I must admit, it was very enjoyable, apart from getting dislocated from the main group when we went through the hills, but that was just unlucky.

Another club, Ducati Owners I think, had the same idea of going for a squirt and about 100 of them caught us going up Lesmurdie Hill, consequently, we lost the tail of our group as they went through us.

Luckily, Luigi and I had communication, otherwise we'd still be riding around in the hills somewhere because I had no idea where we were, or where we had to go to catch up to the group.

I knew where the final destination was, but it was going to be a challenge to get out of the hills first.

Apparently, Springer was given the job of corner marker at one place, but shit himself when he seen all the Ducati riders coming and left the corner before we got there.

51 Bikes on the run, about 8 or 10 with CB's, and only 2 were talking to each other. Something to be learnt by that ride I think.

But it was a good ride, and a great fed too. I must admit that for a bloke that's turned 70 now, Hans still hunts out some great places for breaky.

Well done mate ……

How Men Think ……

A woman was in a coma, and she had been in it for months. The nurses were in her room giving here a sponge bath.

One of them was washing her " private " parts and noticed that there was a slight response on the monitor when she touched her down there.

They tried it again and sure enough there was a small recognisable reaction.

They went to her husband and explained what happened, telling him, " As crazy as this sounds, maybe a little oral sex will do the trick and bring her out of the coma ".

The husband was sceptical, but they assured him that they'd close the curtains for privacy. The husband finally agreed and went into his wife's room.

After a few minutes, the woman's monitor flat lined, no pulse, no heart rate.

The nurses ran back into the room. " What happened !! ?? " they cried.

The shocked husband replied, " I'm not sure, maybe she choked……"

Easter Sunday and it's up early to head off for a run to York.

A small group of us, 7 bikes for a total of 11 people assemble at the Caltex - Midvale for the run to Stefan and Regina's place for the Easter Egg Hunt.

The group consisted of Geo & Aud, Wiz & Luke, Dom & Lorraine, Neville & Allison, Spider & Sue and No Name.

Geo advises us that there was a lot of major road works on the highway between Midvale and the Lakes turn-off, so it might be a better ride going via the back roads to the turn-off.

He is duly appointed the job of getting us there, and then Neville can take the lead from that point and onto Stefan & Regina's for breakfast and the egg hunt.

A great ride through some roads that we don't travel on very often lead us through Mt Helena and Chidlows and eventually to the highway.

Unfortunately, when we got to the highway, Neville was still a bit unsure, so Geo kept the lead, turned left and took us towards Northam.

A bit further on, and it seemed that Aud knew were she was going, even if Geo and Nev didn't.

With Geo and Nev way out front, Aud turned right into Inkpen Road. More confussion, but most of the group just pulled over and waited for the "leaders" to come back to us.

So would we follow Aud this time??.

It got sorted out eventually, and we worked out who was leading whom, so Geo was sent to the front again, and knowing the road well, he set off at a cracking pace down Inkpen Road with us all in tow.

The " T " junction at York road was all Nev needed, and having regained his bearings, then it was his turn to lead the group and time for Geo to follow him for a while.

Eventually, we arrived at Stefan & Regina's home and, at last, breakfast was now really close.

When we arrived, Stefan was happily cooking the Bacon, Eggs & Sausages and the coffee was bubbling through the filter into the coffee pot.

A feed and a few coffees and it was time for the hunt to begin.

Luke, being 12 and a complete choco-holic, had already spied a few eggs laying around the place, so when the start was sounded he had about 6 before anyone had even left their seat.

The hunt continued for about 30 minutes until all the eggs had been located, then it was time to sit around, have another coffee or two and in true Nulla tradition, tell a few stories.

With bellies full, and Easter eggs loaded, we left at around 11.00am and headed back down the hill and for our respective homes.

Another great morning, and our thanks go to Stefan and Regina for their hospitality on another great Easter Egg hunt.

Memberships for the 2005-2006 are in and I'm pleased to report that we have had a nearly 100% renewal for the 2005-2006 season.

Thank you to everyone that has renewed and get ready for details of this season's big run.

The full details are not completed just yet, I can tell you to book your 4 weeks for departure on Saturday May 20th and returning by Sunday June 18th 2006.

We're heading for Adelaide first, a couple of days off and then up to Darwin and back down the coast to Perth.

Basically the reverse direction of what we did in 2001, but with a couple of different locations to visit and look at on the way.

However, due to many problems we seem to encounter with a large number of bikes on these rides, it will be capped at around 15 bikes, so work out if you want to go and let me know as soon as please.

And so, with no big trips planned for this year, I'm looking at a couple of overnight trips throughout the season.

If my memory serves me right, a couple of our members have places down south, one in Busselton, another in Quininup, and I know someone has a place in Dunsborough too, so we may need to "negotiate a price" and if allowed, use these places for the overnight stops.

Numbers may be limited on these runs due to the accommodation limits, so when they do happen, I think it'll have to be first in best dressed.

More to follow when things are planned out further.

What a great night we had at Christina's Restaurant on May 16th.

32 people attended the function, and from the reports I received though-out the night, everyone had a great time.

The meals were fantastic, and bloody big too, so I'm sure everybody was full when they left.

I had no complaints with anything, apart from a bit of rain getting there and when someone ate my entree as well as his.

No wonder you were full at the end of the night piggy …… Maybe we should change your nickname from " No Name " to something more appropriate like " Mr Piggy " ??

But I really blame the chef for that misunderstanding, as he put two entrees on one plate and didn't tell anyone.

Not a smart move … I wonder if he can lift heavy things ??? Might sign him up !!

But all in all, it was a great location, and I must say a " well done " to Luigi for arranging it all too.

With nearly a full membership turnout, this seemed to be a very popular way of getting together, so we may look at a few more of these nights as the year progresses.

Thank you to everybody that attended and I hope you all had a great time.

For those of you that couldn't make it, you missed a great night out, so maybe next time you'll need to try harder to attend.

How are you're feet ??

Getting a bit itchy are they ??

The SA State Rally is on at the end of September, and if my trip to the USA doesn't happen, there's every possibility of a 2 week run across the paddock to attend it.

I know Radar is hanging out for a ride, so even if I don't go, there's every chance he will.

It's being held in Berri, just this side of the VIC / SA border near Renmark, 400kms from Adelaide.

Really, any excuse would do for a ride, so attending their rally is as good as the next I suppose.

I'll keep you informed and we'll see what happens.

Anzac morning and a chilly start to the day of remembrance, but thankfully no rain again this year.

11 hardy Nulla's attend the dawn service at Kings Park, and thanks to all that made the effort to attend the morning.

I arrived at 5.30am to find parking at a premium and the first time in years that the place was packed to the eyeballs.

We managed to find some parking on the grass under the clock, and joined with the other early risers at the memorial for the solemn dawn service.

Around 40,000 people was the guesstimate from the news reporters, but I think they under estimated the number as it was many, many more than I've ever seen there before.

After the service it was on the bikes and down the freeway to the Lupica's " little shack " in Mandurah, even though it was bloody cold going down the freeway.

Benny & Bev were expecting us at around 8.00am, but we arrived a little bit early and woke the neighbours up with 10 Harley's beating their early morning wake-up call.

Benny & Bev were up, Benny slaving over a hot Bacon & Egg BBQ and Bev pumping out hot coffee from the espresso machine, and it was bloody beautiful too.

A great breakfast and a few more coffees and then some took the opportunity to go for a boat ride around the canals of the estuary in Benny's runabout, checking out some of the more modest homes in the area.

A 10.00am departure for the return journey to Perth, and the homeward bound group just got smaller and smaller as the riders took turns to peel off from the main group to their various homes, until there was just 2 left, me and Luigi.

A great morning, a great early morning run to Mandurah, and a great breakfast thanks to the generosity of Benny & Bev.

To those that attended, thank you for your time, and I hope you felt as good as I did for giving up your time to attend the dawn service with me.

And to Benny & Bev, thank you for your hospitality and we hope the neighbours are still talking to you.

As we know where you escape too now, you had better watch out for any surprise visits.

Well, that's it for this issue of Nulla-Noos.

You should find your 2005-2006 Membership card/s included with this edition.

If it's not there, that could mean you're not financial, and if that's the case, this will be the last edition of the Nulla-Noos you'll receive, until you cough up your $20.00 for your membership.

Stay safe, and if you haven't been getting any e-mails from me lately, I may have the wrong address, so let me know on … ….

Until next edition …….

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