Issue 18

March 2005

When you need to know the news, read the Nulla-Noos

Well, here it is! The 18th edition of Nulla Noos. That means I've been doing these every 2 months for the last 3 years.

Some of them have been short, only 2 pages, and some somewhat longer, 11 pages. But I think all of them have entertained you in some way or another.

I hope this one will be as entertaining as the rest, so here goes ……

Attached to this edition, you will find your membership renewal for the 2005-2006 season.

If you wish to remain a member of the Nullaboys, please return the form with your payment as soon as possible.

Then you will continue to receive this great Nulla-Noos letter every 2 months, and retain your membership with us.

Still only $20 a year, it's the cheapest membership of any motorcycle club in this state.

Even though there's no BIG ride planned for the next season, I've got a couple of smaller ones in the pipeline for our membership.

Read on and you'll see where and when the first couple will be.

I was talking to our good mate from Victoria, young Johno, the other morning and he, and his 7yo son Will, were on the road having a little holiday ride up the east coast of Australia.

He told me that the plan was to head for Sydney and then back to Melbourne in 2 weeks, as it was the end of the school holidays, so it was going to be a leisurely ride for both of them.

The day I spoke with Johno, they were in Nowra, and it was pissing with rain, so the day was being spent at the recreation room at the Caravan Park.

Now, as most of us know, any trip with Johno is an entertaining one, and this trip was no different, as it was a camping trip. Sleeping in a tent each night, eating on the road, and sharing the bed with his son.

But it's the fun on the road with Johno that always brings a smile to my face, especially when he always finds the right roads to travel on.

He was telling me that he loaded the bike up, and left Melbourne with Will on the back seat, and the 5man tent, the sleeping bags, and of course, the lap-top computer so Will could play his DVD's, all securely strapped on the rack at the back.

But, Johno being Johno, he found a bumpy bit of road. And NO, it wasn't gravel, just a bit of rough bitumen, and YES, the load shifted.

Actually, it shifted right off the rack, and onto the road. Luckily it was only the tent, not the sleeping bags or the expensive laptop computer.

He had already noticed the load had moved when he pulled over and a nice lady pulled up and advised him that the tent was on the road about 2 or 3kms back.

So after re-strapping what was left of the load, Johno found a U-Turn spot on the highway, and went in search of the missing tent. But it turned out someone else had found it before he got back there to collect it.

Not a good start, only 40kms out of Melbourne and he's stopping to do a re-load

Actually, it sounds a bit like the 1998 run to Brisbane to me, except that he lost a hell of a lot more gear on that trip, and we had quite a few more stops as well to gather up his scattered belongings.

It's a different bike to the 1998 run, but the same problem.

Maybe he needs to re-think the way he straps his gear on to the bike.

But back to Nowra and the crappy weather. Now, a smart biker, who is on the road for 2 weeks, would pack his wets, but not our Johno.

His theory has always been to pack light, so he left the wets at home.

What's that Nulla saying again ….. "He's not very bright but he can lift heavy things" …… Hmmm, seems the saying fits in real well here.

But luckily, he awoke the next morning to find the rain had stopped and the weather cleared, so it was on to Wollongong.

Well as soon as he got the flat rear tyre fixed it was anyway.

I hope the rest of the trip was a little less exciting Johno.

Most of you heard the stories of Pop's trip to Tassie, and the problems he had to put up with his bike for most of it.

Eventually, Pop had to get the motor 'fixed' in Adelaide, but it appears he wasn't to happy with the finished result and the way it performed coming home across the paddock.

So, what do you do with a motor that you're not happy with …… You strip it down and do the job again, but this time he's taking no chances with it.

I think he's decided that he just can't trust the qualified Harley-Davidson mechanics to do the job right, so, he's doing it himself.

I suppose it makes a bit of sense really because if it blows up again, he's only got one arse to kick and that's his own.

Ha ha ha , good onya Pop.

Hey, did you hear about the 3year old boy sitting in the bath playing with his testicles.

He asked his Mum " Mummy, are these my brains ?? "

To which she replied …. " No, not yet darling !! "

Easter Sunday - March 27th, put it in your diary please.

We have been invited again to Stefan & Regina's home in York to participate in their Easter Egg Hunt.

We'll meet at the normal departure point, the Caltex Servo at the bottom of Greenmount, for a departure time of 8.00am, and proceed at a leisurely pace to their place in the hills.

No doubt, Stefan & Regina will prepare a beautiful breakfast for us, and then we can go scavenging for Easter Eggs after that.

If you can make this event, please contact Stefan, or Regina, and let them know you are coming so they can have enough food, but more importantly Easter Eggs, available for the horde of people that will be going.

Please contact Stefan on 0409-102-044 or e-mail them at

The ANZAC Day Dawn Service is on again this year for those interested.

And for those who don't remember, it's Monday April 25th and it's a public holiday so there's not much excuse for not turning up.

We'll meet at the Clock Tower on the top end of St George's Terrace at 5.00am as normal and wander down to the Memorial for the service.

After the service, will have a little ride somewhere for breakfast before heading for home and then you can go back to bed if you want.

I need you for a couple of hours, that's all, just to remember our fallen heroes.

Not too much to ask for, is it ??

Whilst we're speaking of rides, and as there is no big ride planned for this year, is anybody interested in a 3day weekend ride around " the block ", just to blow the cob-webs off the bikes.

Which block ??

How about Perth to Mt Magnet, then across to Sandstone and onto Leinster, down to Kalgoorlie and back to Perth, an all up total of around 1885kms.

It's a bitumen road all the way now since they've sealed the road between Sandstone and Leinster a couple of years back and there's plenty of fuel available.

Some of the places like Sandstone would never have seen a bunch of Harleys come roaring into town, and as most of you have probably never been there either, I think it would be a bit of a hoot for both parties.

We'll be travelling through a few old towns along the way, so there should be plenty to keep you entertained along the way.

The June 4-5-6 long weekend would be a good date, with overnight stops at Mt Magnet and Kalgoorlie, making each day around 600kms each.

I'm going regardless of the weather, or the groups size, so if you're interested, let me know by e-mail, phone or mouth.

You'll notice that there's no photo's on the web site yet from the trip to Tassie.

That's because nobody apart from me and spider have sent them in yet

So this note is directed at those you that travelled to Tassie last October-November.

Where the bloody photo's that you took?

Spider has done a great job with the web-site, but he getting a little pissed at the response from you guys for some photos.

Surely it can't be that big of a task to copy your snaps to disk and forward them onto Spider so he can up-date the Nullaboys web-site.

Please, please, please, send them to him a.s.a.p. and make him a happy man again.

Okay, now to something really important.

Nullaboys Merchandise

I bet you all shit when you read that didn't you ?? … ha ha ha ….

Well you don't have to panic just yet. I haven't bought another load of stuff for you buy.

But I do still have some new Grey shirts available … 8 x Large …and… 4 x X-Large … and I'd like to get rid of them

These will be last of the shirts as I won't be getting any more done. Well at least not for a couple of years anyway.

I have 16 x Belt Buckles too, so if you have a spare $35.00 and you would like to buy either a new shirt or a belt buckle, give me a call …. please !!

And there's also a heap of Nullaboys patches too @ $5.00 each, and stickers, shit, how many do you want, because they're FREE.

I'll even make the necessary delivery arrangements for you if you buy something.

So, can you help me out ??

Well, as usual, I've run out of stuff to tell you, and from this point on, I'd just be dribbling shit [ SHUT UP ! ]

Please fill in your renewals, attach the payment and get them back to me as soon as possible.

There won't be any reminders either, so if you're not financial at the end of April, don't expect to get any more exciting editions of … " Nulla-Noos ".

Ride safe and see you soon …….


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