Issue 15

September 2004

When you need to know the news, read the Nulla-Noos

Nulla-Noos 15, at long last, and yes, I know it's late, but I've been busy at work and I just haven't had time to sit here and type it all out.

You'll notice this one is just a little bit shorter than normal and that's because I couldn't think of stuff to write.

Besides, I'm getting excited about heading off to Tasmania soon, like most of you.

I've been packing the bike, and the trailer for weeks, trying to remember all the shit I've got to take with me.

Stuff like wet weather gear, because I think we can expect some rain in the 4 weeks, and some warm clothes, because it was damn cold last time I was there in 1997.

The deck chair, and the umbrella, again just in case of rain, jeans, long johns, T shirts, socks, jocks, boots, thongs and the rest of the clothing.

Damn, I forgot the new tyre for the bike, so I better get that done soon too.

Oh well, I've still got a couple of weeks to finish so there's no rush, is there ???

Hey, did you hear about this old fella trying to re-live his youth a couple of weeks ago.

Apparently, back in his earlier days, he was a pretty good rally driver, and with thoughts of his earlier accomplishments of his youth in his mind, he thought he have another go a rally driving again.

So he went out a bought an old car, a Datsun I think, and set it all up to go for a bit of rallying, you know, just for the fun of it all again.

Well, anyway, not long after it was all systems go, here he was, on the dirt road, all ready and full of gung-ho, just like in the old days.

He starts it up, pushes in the clutch, slips it in to first gear, revs the motor, drops the clutch and he's off down the road like a bat out of hell.

He reaches maximum revs in first, grabs a fist-full of gear stick in his left hand and slams it hard into second gear.

The Datto lurches forward again and the old bloke is out there having a ball, thinking to himself how great he's doing as he approaches that first slippery corner.

This is just like riding a bike, he thinks as all the old tricks flood back into his mind again, just like the in old days.

So, with a flick of the steering wheel, he's set himself up to power-slide around that fast approaching corner, and then …… half way around the corner, it all goes horribly pear-shaped.

The car is drifting way too far of course, maybe a little dab on the brakes … nup, that ain't helping at all…… u-oh ….. SHEEEIIITTT …..

The sound of twisting metal and breaking glass echoes through the bush as the car comes to a very unceremonious and also a very sudden stop.

A bloody tree has jumped out from the side of the road and absolutely hammered the side of the car.

So now, the car is sorted like the tree … well and truly ROOTED, and any future rallying achievements have gone in the blink of an eye.

But the old fella was lucky, he survived his near-death experience of hitting that tree at warp speed.

As he surveys the damage to the car, and the tree, he realises that he won't be driving this rally car to soon in the future. It was well and truly stuffed.

I meant to ask you Poppy, how did you get home from there ! ! !

On a positive side though, we're all glad you're okay, and don't forget about the dollar for the fine either…...

And I'm not picking on Pop, but here's another one that I heard too.

So, whilst I'm telling stories out of school about poor old Pop, I heard that he "modified" the fabrication door at work with the fork-lift a while back.

It seems that you need to have the blades closer to the ground before you try to go through the doorway, otherwise the fork-lift destroys things on its way in too.

Never mind Pop, better luck with your driving in the future …… ha ha ha

As time is getting closer to heading off to Tassie, I had to get a new rear tyre on the Granny for the trip.

Normally, I pull out my own wheel and take it to Total Motorcycles in Victoria Park, then do the wheel bearings before putting it back in again.

But this year, with the new bike, and a different set-up with the bearings not needing to be done, I thought I'd try elsewhere for my tyre requirements.

I'd heard of Bayswater Motorcycle Tyre & Service before and thought I'd give them a go and see what happens.

Brilliant service, and 100% satisfaction. I fitted another Dunlop to the bike and the price was only $180 fitted. Last time it cost me $230, and I had to pull the wheel in & out for that price.

So, anybody considering a new tyre for their bike, contact Lowie at Bayswater Tyres, tell him you're a Nulla and I'm sure you'll get the right price and service from him and the crew.

If not, let me know and I'll see what I can do for you.

All of the travelling Nulla's should've received Johno's travel intinery via the e-mail a couple of weeks ago and I hope you like what he's done in the way of bookings.

Now I know I did say way back that this trip was a "camping " trip, but remember, we are going to Tassie.

And if you've ever been there before, you'll know how quick the weather can turn real shitty.

And remember that you're not obligated to taking the accommodations that have been booked by Johno either.

If you want to throw the tent up, go for it, it's up to you.

But after discussions with Johno, and having been to Tassie before, I thought it would be a good idea to book rooms where possible just in case.

The cost per head is very reasonable, considering it'll only cost about $300.00 for a nice bed for the time we are on the rock.

But if it's tent city you want, you'll have to arrange that yourself, and it may not be possible to be in the same place as the rooms either, so bear that in mind as well.

Some people are not going to have the facilities to carry everything required for tenting, and that was another reason to book accommodation too.

As I said, it's entirely up to you where and how you choose to snooze, but the rooms have been booked just in case.

Remember that we have no back-up vehicle this year, so please make sure you have tools to fix your bike if needed.

Most of us will take something different, so I'm quite sure that if " IT " happens, we'll have the knowledge and tools to fix " IT " somehow.

Hopefully, " IT " won't happen.

Please have your bike checked before you go.

Change the oils, get it serviced, check that your tyres are good enough to get there, and check the age of the battery too.

Remember, if in doubt, just change it.

Now this is old news because the little wog is home now, but I had a couple of telephone calls from Luigi whilst he was away and he sounded like he was enjoying his travels from around the world.

He's going to have to learn to type now because I want a BIG story from him for the next Nulla Noo's.

But from what I got from his calls, he's had a great time in the USA and like a typical tourist, he's been and seen everything.

Done the full package of stuff like the Empire State building, and seen " 911 Ground-Zero " too.

He was in Sicily at one stage, living the life of a true wog, eating sausage, and drinking vino, and probably learning to speak real Italian too.

From there he headed to Rome, and being the good Catholic that he is, he was probably going up to kiss the Pope's ring.

From there, it was 4 days in Singapore before finally getting home on September 7th.

He must've been looking forward to getting home too. He said he was hanging for a ride, something he hasn't been able to do whilst O/S.

And he said he was missing his mates … isn't he a SUCK.

It's good to have him back home again, back in the lucky country once more, because I've missed having him here to take the piss outta.

Welcome Home Wog-Boy …

Any of you that are planning to go to the next HOG National better plan on taking a tent with you.

From what I've heard, there's absolutely NO accommodation left at either Uluru or at Alice Springs.

It appears that, because the dates have been let out so early, everybody in Australia must be planning on attending because it's all booked out so early.

I'm still very undecided about attending the rally and for many reasons.

The official Perth Chapter run is not something I am looking forward to doing, due to the number of people interested.

I still believe that it will be a bloody nightmare run across the paddock with a large group, and I just can't see how splitting the group into 2 or 3 smaller packs is going to work either.

I'll put some more thought into the ride after we come back from Tassie, as then I'll have a better idea of fuel and food stop times.

And the accommodation situation out there is another thing altogether as those of you that have travelled across will understand only too well

Time will tell, but if you are planning on attending, I would suggest you make some attempt at booking now, because it may be too late in another month or 2.

Well, that's it for now.

For the first time ever, the Nulla Noos is late, so I better get my arse into gear, print this out, fold it all up, stuff it into the envelopes and post them out to you.

I was running out of stuff to tell you anyway, and as I said at the start, it's going to be a short one this time around.

See you all soon…….


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