Issue 10

November 2003

When you need to know the news, read the Nulla-Noos

Nulla-Noos 10, another great edition of our fledgling magazine, and which is probably destined to become one of the greatest motorcycling magazines in the country.

Yeah, right, who am I trying to kid ! !

It's just the rambling's of some poor bastard trying to entertain the masses with lots of bullshit isn't it ??

Every couple of months, I sit down and start typing words onto these pages to keep you lot informed of the inside workings of the Nullaboys, that's all.

And I'll give you the big tip; it's getting bloody harder every time to produce the Nulla-Noos, so you better start sending me something to put in it.

Okay, I was sitting at home the other night, zooming around on the net looking for some interesting articles to reproduce onto these pages and I came across this bit of news from Triumph Motorcycles.

Now, we all know that every motorcycle manufacturer in the world has started to produce "Cruiser" style bikes and Triumph has joined the race for a bit of the market too.

But they're doing it to scare people I think.

They have just unveiled their first real attempt in this market and it's a monster.

It's a water cooled 2,294cc [ 140ci in real talk ] in-line 3 cylinder. It puts out 147ft/lb of torque at 2500rpm with a massive 140bhp at the rear wheel at 5750rpm.

It makes the 1450cc Harley look a bit sad doesn't it? And they claim that it will out-accelerate anything else on two-wheels, and I don't doubt it either.

It pulls 1.2g's, so you'd want to be hanging on to the bars … very tightly !!

That's fairly serious grunt on a motor cycle and it's all there straight out of the box too.

Hmmm, maybe it's time to up-grade the granny …… already

Time for some up-coming rides and events ….

I received an "interesting" telephone call from Hans Pacchiaffo today regarding the next HOG breakfast run being held on Sunday, November 9th.

Hans has asked me if I could ask "my group" if they could attend this event, as member participation has been a bit low to these occasions of late.

Hmmm, "MY group" … I don't know what he means by that as I know that you guys don't take any notice of anything I tell you to do anyway, but I'll pass on the info to you.

I know that Hans puts a fair bit of effort into these breakfast rides, and I must admit that the ones that I have been able to attend have been very enjoyable.

If you are interested in going along for the ride and having breaky, you will find a flyer in this edition with the details of the event.

The Motorcycle Riders Association of WA is holding its Motorcycle Awareness Ride on Sunday - November 30th.

Two groups will be departing at 11.00am, one from Joondalup Shopping Centre and the other from the Armadale Shopping Centre and culminating at the Fremantle Passenger Terminal.

If you're interested in attending, be at one of the departure points to register anytime after 9.00am on the day.

A discounted entry is offered to all riders for the entry into the "Big On Bikes" display, also being held at the docks.

Normally, it's good ride, and hopefully all the crazy Jap bike riders are still in bed.

The Bikes Unlimited "Perth Charity Ride" is on Saturday December 6th. I know it's a big day, and you get lots of bikes at this event, but it all goes to the Salvo's and then on to needy.

Maybe you can find the time to attend this worthy cause and give a little joy to those needy people who struggle at this time of year.

Whilst we are talking future rides, here's one for just the Nulla's.

If your memory is still functioning reasonably well, you may remember that I mentioned in Nulla-Noos 9 that a few members showed interest in attending a "Tractor-Pull" event.

Well here's your chance to check out one of these events first hand, and if you've never been to one yet, I can tell you that they're a usually a load of fun.

I've made contact with the Perth Tractor Pull Association, and they have sent me their calendar of this season's events.

If you like a bit of serious horsepower, and your hearing is already rooted and you think that watching grown men throwing sand up in the air, a Tractor-Pull event just might suit you.

Mind you, the closest these machines will ever get to being a tractor would probably be the back wheels, because you certainly can't use them to plough up the back 50 acres.

If you're interested in going, you will find another flyer enclosed for this event. They hold these events at the Beverley Race Course, which is only a short run out of Perth.

If curiosity has got you and you want to attend, or maybe you just want to go for the ride out to Beverley and back, put it in your diary.

We've missed the first event, so we're planning an attendance at the next one on November 29th.

Leaving from the McDonalds-Kelmscott car park at 11.00am on the Saturday morning, we'll have a leisurely run out along the Brookton Hwy for about 70kms and then turn off and head for Beverley and, all going well, we should arrive at the gates around 12.30.

The first event starts at 2.00pm, so we'll have some time for a bite to eat and maybe a look at the machinery before the action starts.

If you like loud, fire-breathing, high horsepower machines, you gotta go to one of these events at least once in your lifetime. Last time for me was 1988, so I'm looking forward to a repeat of the action.

I'm told that the last event is around 5.30pm, so we should be able to get going home before the dark sets in and those big jumping animals come out to play with us.

I'm sure that a great day to be had by all that attend …… especially if you're a bit of a petrol-head.

And here's some bits of useless info

Did you know that a "Duck's Quack" doesn't echo ….. true !!!

And that you can't lick your own elbow either.

Did you know that an Ostrich's eye is bigger than its brain?

What about that you can lead a cow up stairs, but not down stairs?

Or that an Elephant can't jump, but every other mammal can.

Or that there are no words in the English language that rhyme with Month, Orange, Silver or Purple.

What about that Coca-Cola was originally green….YUK !!!

Or that the cost of raising a medium-sized dog to the age of 11 years will cost you about $12,800…. US $$$ too.

And at least 75% of people who have read this will try to lick their elbow……… ha ha ha …. you idiots ! ! !

Sunday morning and 11 bikes, 14 adults with 5 kids met at Gingers Roadhouse at Upper Swan for our BBQ lunch day run to New Norcia, and it was a good mix of the old and new Nulla's too.

A beautiful morning, with light winds and lots of brilliant sunshine greeted us for the ride, and so the stage was set for a great ride through the countryside.

D--Dave & the Custard Tart turned up at Gingers too, but they were heading off on their own, doing a re-con mission for the Rolling Thunder Poker ride coming up soon.

We left Ginger's at 10.30 and headed up the Great Northern Highway to Bindoon and then turned off the highway and headed for Mogumber, just so we didn't have to travel on the same road twice.

We stopped at Mogumber, just for a break, but realising there was really nothing to look at, the stop was quite brief.

We headed out of Mogumber and across the newly sealed back road to the main drag, which brought us out about 6kms south of New Norcia.

The scenery was made magnificent, passing the many fields covered with the purple flower of Patterson's Curse and the paddocks dotted with cows, sheep and goats.

Arriving at New Norcia's famous hotel, we were greeted by Rick, the publican, setting up our BBQ area and the outdoor area for our arrival.

A couple of early drinks to wash away the dust and I fired up the BBQ so I could cook our lunch. It was a slow event, but as we weren't in a big hurry, it didn't matter that much.

I volunteered to be the cook, and nobody died or went hungry, so I suppose I must have done an okay job of it.

Rick, & his wife Joanne, had provided us with a good selection of Pork Chops, Steaks, marinated Chicken pieces and plenty of Sausages to eat, plus some salads and bread rolls.

I thought the provisions were plentiful really, and at only $15 per head for adults and $10 for the kids, reasonably priced too.

I cooked all that was there and as there was still some left over, I guess everybody must have been suitably fed.

Springer turned up, late, as usual, but at least he had a valid excuse. He was running in a new motor in the old girl, so he thought it better to do his own thing and not hold up the group on the ride.

A couple more drinks to wash the meal down and we were back on the road heading home.

Pop and Springer took off together, so as Springer could get a few more gentle miles in the motor, and the rest of us left not long after, as I was planing to hunt them down on the way home.

Luigi lead on the return journey and did very well at it until we got to the outskirts of Bindoon, where we had to do a "U" turn and head back down the Mogumber road again.

As it turned out, we passed a Road Train on the way up, buried well into the trees on the side of the road. It looked like the driver must have nodded off, and missed the corner, and parked it hard into the trees on the opposite side of the road.

No problems heading out, but the clean-up crews blocked it when we were coming home as they were lifting the trailers back onto the road with a bloody big crane.

Consequently, we had to go "around the block" to get back to Bindoon, just so 4X could visit the Bindoon bakery for afternoon tea.

I must admit though, I think everybody in the group actually thought it was a good idea.

With our bellies filled with cakes and coffee, we headed south again through town and back down to Gingers to say good-byes, and then went our separate ways home.

A great day's riding in great weather and with great mates.

Strangely, we never did catch up to Pop and Springer. Maybe that new motor needed a bit more speed than we thought…..

I'm looking forward to the next ride now, and thanks to all that attended, I hope you enjoyed the day as much as Luke and I did.

The second edition of Gold-plated Nullaboy Belt Buckles has arrived and is now available.

$35 each, packaged in the velvet pouch, and you will look as flash as a rat with a gold tooth.

If you would like one put one aside for you, let me know on 0407-477-772 before they all go again.

If you need any more "M/C Safety Stickers", let me know. I've got shit-loads of them.

That's it, well, until next the edition of Nulla-Noos that is ……

Might see you for breaky with Hans …..

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