Issue 9

September 2003

When you need to know the news, read the Nulla-Noos

Well Nulla's, here we go again with another exciting issue of Nulla-Noos.

Whadda ya mean, " It's not exciting "??

Well, who's fault's that then?? Don't you go and blame me, I can't help it if you don't send stuff into me to create some excitement in the Nulla-Noos.

If you send me something then I'll put it into the next issue and then it'll become exciting, won't it ??

How about this fact then, we've cracked 40 members, so that's gotta be a little bit exciting in itself.

Memberships are sitting at 41, and I reckon that's pretty exciting.

The bank balance is pretty healthy too as it's pasted a thousand bucks now, so that gives us a bit of a fighting fund for stuff we might want to buy and things we may do this year.

Stefan has suggested we should buy beanies to keep our heads warm on these cold winter mornings, so I'm going to look into that, but as winter is nearly over, we might put that one off until next year.

Speaking of Stefan, he has volunteered his services to become our official Ride coordinator, and judging by his previous experience and qualifications, I think he'll do a very good job of it too.

So stay tuned for some shorter rides happening in the near future.

Speaking of activities, it was suggested that maybe we could attend a "Tractor Pull" event sometime in the future.

I've been in touch with the Perth Tractor Pull Association and they'll keep us in touch and let us know the calendar of events so we can attend.

Unfortunately, they have their events at the same time of year as the drag racing fraternity, so we'll look into going to one of these events later in the year, a bit closer to summer.

When it's finalised, I'll put it on the calender and let everybody know.

And now a bit of usual info, only to fill the Noos letter of course.

According to today's bureaucrats and other know-it-alls, those of us who were kids in the 40's, 50's & 60's, probably shouldn't have made it this far.

Our cots were painted in bright coloured lead based paints. There were no "child-proof" lids on medicine bottles, no safety catches of the cupboard that had the poisons in them and we used to ride our deadly-treddlies without a helmet, at warp speed down the hill.

We used to hitch-hike to the beach on a hot day, or ride in the back of the old farm ute, wasn't that a special treat. No air-bags in cars back then, you were lucky to have a rope to hang on to, let alone a bloody seat-belt.

We used to drink water from the garden hose, not from a hygienically sealed bottle.

We ate sugar ladened cakes, bread with real butter, and cool drinks without phenylalanine and other chemicals shoved into them … god forbid…

And we'd share the one bottle with our mates, drinking straight from the bottle without wiping the spit off it and no one died from this practice.

We would spend hours building our hill-trolleys from bits of scraps and then howl down the hill, only to find we'd forgotten the brakes.

After destroying a few of the neighbours gardens in the process, we eventually worked out how to solve that problem, usually with another lump of wood bolted on somewhere.

We would leave home in the morning to play with our mates, and come back when it was dark. No one knew where we were, and no one cared as long as we were home for dinner. We had no mobile phones back then to find anyone.

We didn't have Playstations or Nintendo 64's, no video games, no Foxtel, no DVD's, no computers or Internet Chat rooms.

But we had friends, and lots of them. So we just went outside and played with them.

We played footy, cricket, chasey, hide and seek, we did things that would be laughed at by the kids of today.

We built cubby houses, and fell out of the trees we'd built them in. We got cuts and bruises, and we had broken bones and missing teeth. There were no lawsuits from these accidents because they were just accidents, that's all.

We punch our mates, and get into fights with each other, we got black & blue, but no one sued each other. And tomorrow we were all mates again.

We made up games with sticks and balls and we ate worms, and although we were told we'd lose an eye, we didn't, and the worms didn't live inside us FOREVER.

We rode our bikes on the street, or just walked to our friends house, and just walked in because they didn't lock the doors, they didn't have to back then because no-one stole anything from houses.

Spray paint wasn't heard of, and smashing windows had no appeal either, but we did 'torch' the occasional ant farm with our magnifying glass.

We might have even blown up a few 'non-important' things with fire crackers, but we certainly did bash old people, steal cars, or vandalise things.

If we broke the law or we did something wrong, we copped a belting, usually from our parents, not the courts. We didn't 'divorce' our parents because of it, we just got over the problem and continued on with having fun with our mates.

Our actions were our own, and we usually suffered for them when we got home. Why, because our Dad's were waiting for us, usually with the strap in hand.

The past 50 years has seen an explosion of innovations and new ideas. This generation has produced some of the best risk takers, problem solvers and inventors … ever.

We've had freedom and failures and success and responsibilities thrust upon us, and we have learned to live with it.

Congratulations, because you're one of them, and you've done real well just get this far…….

Okay, back to something you need to think about for awhile.

Many of you would've seen, or would've heard that I walked out of the July HOG meeting at the Hyde Park Hotel.

This was due to the complete frustration that I seemed to have developed over many years with the chapter in constantly trying to obtain the use of the club ute for the runs across the Nullarbor to attend the rallies we go to.

Well, since then, I have been in discussions with the HOG committee, and I have been finally told the real reason why the vehicle is not available for this purpose.

According to the committee, it is because I put a ceiling on the amount of bikes / people that I am prepared to take with me on these rides.

According to this committee, as a Road Captain of HOG, you are not allowed to cap runs, or dictate how many bikes or allowed on rides, regardless of the availability of accommodation, refuelling dramas, overall safety of the group.

And it has nothing to do with the fact that it is the "Nullaboys" asking for the vehicle.

It's simply because the ride has been capped, therefore it cannot be an official HOG ride, and so, the group concerned cannot have the club vehicle for the trip.

And it's as simple as that…….

So before we, and this is just directed to the Nullaboys, even decide to head east again, the group going will need to have a discussion and make the following decision before anything else.

Choice # 1 … We leave the ride uncapped and have the chance to take the club vehicle, and also take the chance of having more people than ever before on the ride

…. or …..

Choice # 2 … Cap all the rides and organise our own vehicle to follow us as we have done previously on every other occasion.

Stick that in the back of your mind and have a think about it, and maybe we'll discuss how we do our future rides at the next BBQ or meeting.

Whilst we are talking about things in general, a couple of other things popped up at the meeting, most importantly.

NO Nullaboys shirts to be worn at Perth HOG meetings any more please.

It was suggested that as most of us are members of both the Nullaboys and HOG, this would be a good idea for us to do as it will help settle the dust between the 2 clubs.

I think that we can bend just a little to accommodate that request … can't we??

Someone at the meeting suggested that the Nullaboys wouldn't appreciate members turning up at Nullaboy functions dressed in just HOG shirts.

I just laughed at the comment, and the thought of it, and, being the true Nullaboy that I am, I replied that you guys are just too loyal to the Nullaboys to do it anyway….idiots !!!

So help keep the peace and just wear non-Nullaboys clothing to the meetings in future please.

The BBQ at Luigi's place on Sunday August 3rd was a great day, and thanks to those who attended, I hope you enjoyed the day.

We even managed to sign up a couple of new members, thanks to the husbands of the ladies concerned putting their hands into their pockets and paying their membership dues for them.

So welcome, to Sue Edmonds and Lynn Iredell, two new Nullagirls, into the club, and that makes up a club with 41 members and going strong.

I'm sure that sooner or later you will all meet them on a ride or BBQ somewhere in the future.

Thanks also go to Luigi and his family for providing the snacks and salads, and also for providing the venue too. I'm sure those who attended would join with me in saying that the day was very enjoyable, and with great weather too.

Needless to say, a few questions were asked about the meeting that I had with the HOG committee a couple of weeks earlier, and I hope everybody walked away with a better understanding of what was discussed at that meeting.

I also presented Luigi with his lost vest at the BBQ, even though I did fine him for losing it in the first place.

It was found, on the side of the road, about 8 weeks after we went through from Cobram in Victoria by a local and was then past onto Dave Temple from Shepparton HOG.

He located us through the Nullaboys web site and after contacting me via e-mail from the contact on the site, posted it back to us.

It just proves that it pays to be associated with the Nullaboys, even if it does cost you $20 to get it back.

Anyway, a great day was had by all, and you should've turned up and enjoyed the day with us.

Maybe next time ……eh ??

Unfortunately, I've had to cancel my attendance on the trip to the SA State Rally this year.

Due to taking too many holidays and enjoying myself too much, management has seen fit to request that I hold off having any more long holidays for awhile.

But, for those of you still planning on going, if you require help in arranging it, let me know and I'll pass on the contacts and help you with the trip that way.

Sorry guys and gals, but it's the best I can do this year.

As for the trip to Tassie, well that' is a definite, and I'll quit if I have to, because I'm going on that one for sure.

Departure day has been set for October 16th, so you're planning on coming, book your leave.

But it's looking like we may have two groups coming home, due to some people wanting a 4 week holiday and others a 5.

A minor detail at present, departure date is October 16th 2004, and we will have a meeting about the trip sometime in the next couple of months to arrange the booking of the boat. This is very important, because if we don't get on the boat, we don't go to Tassie.

Keep your eye on the e-mail and please attend the meeting if possible.

That's it for this edition, so until next time, ride safe and stay well … …

Your President & Editor & Functions
Manager & Ride Organiser & Complaint
Officer and General Dogsbody