Issue Number 6

Mid February 2003

When you need to know the news, read the Nulla-Noos

Well, as we are heading to the eastern states real soon, I thought I'd make this one an earlier and a shorter version of Nulla-Noos.

There's not a lot to report on the Nulla scene at present, so I think most of you must have your head down and arse up packing the bike ready for the trip.

For those of you that are going over for the birthday celebrations, expect a great ride, as it should be filled with lots of excitement and tales of adventure.

By now, you should be up-to-date with the details of the run, and also be aware of the fact that Radar has volunteered his new ute for the purpose of towing the trailer for us.

However, as the ute and trailer are only going as far as Adelaide, it's essential that your bike is in good condition for the Adelaide - Sydney & return leg of the journey.

Johno has worked out a good ride through outback Victoria, and has arranged our accommodation through that area as well.

On the way home, some of us will be going back to Adelaide to attend the first round of the 2003 V8 Supercar season, so that should be another highlight of the trip as well.

I'm hoping that the Adelaide HOG chapter has been invited to do a couple of laps of the race track before the event and we may be able to join in on the fun also, but I'll have to wait for conformation of that later.

So, all is nearly in readiness for the big trip and I reckon it's going to a beauty. All we need now is the weather to be kind to us and not too bloody hot, but I think that may be asking a bit too much.

We're travelling the Nullarbor at the end of February for the first time, and going on past years, it'll be hot, very hot, so be prepared to stop every hour or so for liquid replenishment.

Also, depending on the heat of the day, we may be leaving earlier than normal each morning so as we can ride in the cool of the day.

And that means well before 7.00am, so be prepared for a couple of 5.00am or 6.00am starts on the Nullarbor going over, and maybe back.

I think that all of us would prefer to be off the bike early, and it's sounds a lot smarter to me than riding in the heat of the day does.

Also, it appears that the majority of us are planning on staying in C/V parks or Hotel/Motel style accommodation during the trip.

This is probably due to the heat expected, so not taking camping gear will take a bit of the load of the bikes, and that will save a fair bit of wear & tear on the bikes and their tyres too.

The heat of the road will tear the rubber off them pretty quick out there, so another smart move will be to try and travel as light as possible this year.

By now, you should all have your tickets for entry for either Saturday or Sunday or both.

And you should have received, filled out and returned to HOG International the form for your VIP pass to the Friday night function.

In case you haven't received a reply from HOG Int yet, I'd suggest you take a copy of this form with you, for proof, and just in case anyway.

Well, that's about all I can tell you about the trip for now, so I'll see you at the Barrack Street Jetty on Saturday, March 1st.

That's if you're coming of course ………...

Well, it's happened, and it was a well kept secret from nearly all the Nulla's for quite sometime too.

Due to an excess of cash burning a hole in my pocket again, I've lashed out a bought another bike.

Back in September, I ordered a 2003 FLHT/C/U/I Ultra Classic in Luxury Blue from Brett Gannon at Sun City bikes in Geraldton.

And thankfully, it's turned up in time for the trip, so I'm going to have to suffer now riding something really comfortable across the country this year….sorry guys.

But I'm keeping the old girl, at least for a little while, as she's been a very reliable bike and great ride for last 7 years I've owned it.

And now, it'll become my "city" bike and the new one will be for those longer trips out across the country.

I had a bit of trouble convincing myself that parting with nearly $40K for a bike was a smart move, but after riding Luigi's bike for about 40kms, I was sold.

It's the most comfortable thing I've ever had my arse on. And boy, I'm looking forward to the ride over this year on it too.

I received some news the other day from Annie in Darwin.

It seems that she and a few mates decided to do take the dingy down to the water and do a bit of early morning fishing.

She parked her 4WD in the boat ramp parking area, jumped on board and took off fishing with the rest of the crew.

Unfortunately, when they returned, she found the car had been broken into by some low-life scum suckers.

They had ripped off her mobile phone, purse and a few other trinkets, as well as causing severe damage to the locks and other bits on the 4WD.

Needless to say, she wasn't impressed, and now the damage done requires to be fixed immediately and that means that the money she had put aside for the trip to Sydney with us is now required for other duties.

So, due to these parasites, Annie will not be joining with us this year on the run as planned, but remaining at work to earn money to replace the items stolen by them.

That's it for this issue, it's time to go for a big ride now…….

See you when we get home………..

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