Issue Number 5

January 2003

When you need to know the news, read the Nulla-Noos

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Nulla's, and I hope you enjoy the festive season and enter the New Year safely.

Well, the time is coming close for the ride to Sydney, and as it gets closer, so we get more people confirming their intention to travel with us.

And thank you to all of you who took the time to attend our discussion day for the ride.

Confirmed so far, we have Wiz, Radar, Luigi, Snoopy, Pop, Springer, Godfather & Lorraine, Benny & Bev, & the lovely Snake leaving from Perth

On the way we will pick up Dick Waters, the baker from Wudinna, as he wants to ride there and back with the Nullaboys, so I'll have to put the bite on him for membership before he leaves I suppose.

Also we will meet up with Annie and a couple of friends who are travelling down the centre from Darwin, at Port Augusta or maybe Adelaide at the C/V Park.

Then our Victorian member in Johno is planning to meet us near Ballarat, and Stefan has indicated that he too will pick us up somewhere around the same area.

So, by the time we arrive in Sydney, we should have a good group of Nulla's to wave the Nulla flag at the Muster.

Doc & Lorraine will return with us from Adelaide, as they couldn't afford the 4 weeks travelling time needed to do the full trip.

And Julianne has indicated that she would like to join us on the trip from Perth, as she would like to complete the full circle of last year's trip over the top by doing the Nullarbor on the bike.

So we should have a good group of people riding with us both ways across the country.

Julianne has also kindly donated her home and surrounding yard for our accommodation whilst we are in Sydney and as she is only 5 or 10 minutes from Homebush, that'll make getting there easy.

A very hospitable offer thanks Julianne, but somehow, I think your neighbours are going to be fairly pissed off with you by the time we leave.

She tells me that there are 4 bathrooms, so toilet and showering facilities for 16 - 20 people should not be a problem.

That is as long as you get in before Snake and Radar that is.

And the original journey has been modified for the petrol-heads in the group so they can enjoy the Clipsal 500 being held in Adelaide on the weekend of March 23-24

So, are you getting itchy feet yet ?? I am, and I have been for weeks now.

Now, in case your wondering, I don't sit here and type this all out in one sitting, I do it in bits and pieces, and as things come to hand, I add them to the next edition of Nulla Noos.

This means that sometimes, hearing about the event may be a bit like old news when you finally get to read about it.

And it's always nice to read news of a forthcoming event, especially when it's not going to happen for another 12 months or so, like this one.

Did you realise how hard it was for me to keep it a secret for 2 months and not tell you about it, and I'm probably the only one in Australia who knows too.

And I suppose you want me to share it with you now don't you ???

Okay, it's time for Congratulations for 2 of our members as they have announced their intentions to finally tie the knot and get married to each other.

About now, you'll be thinking … WHO … and now you'll be thinking of everybody who is a member and who the hell it could be.

Well, you keep thinking about it and I'll tell you later in edition 5 of Nulla-Noos.

I love a bit of suspense, don't you ? ? ?

Have you been getting junk e-mails from people overseas claiming to have millions of US $$ available to them, and they're all trying to find someone to help them get it out of the country.

Over the past few months, I must have received about 20 of the bloody things, and it's really starting to piss me off too.

One such e-mail was forwarded to me the other day by Doc. They had US$49,500,000 to get rid of, so I did what I do to all of these bloody things, I answered it.

I told them that I was the person they were looking for, and that if they'd send me a small payment of US$2,000,000, you know, just to prove that they were genuine in their request for help, that I'd do what ever they wanted me to do.

I gave them a big story about the scams I've got running at present, and how others around the world are using my services, and then I asked them for the money.

But, as usual, they didn't answer the e-mail I sent, and I didn't get any of the money they claim they've got shit loads of either.

Bastards, and I was going to buy everybody a new bike for Christmas too !!

Okay, times up, and I've kept you waiting long enough.

The 2 members who have announced their intentions to wed each other are … Members 10 & 19

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. Gotcha, sorry, I just had to have some fun with you first.

Shit, I've kept this a bloody secret for 2 months, just so I could print something in here that you didn't know so go easy on me will you.

Okay, okay it's our international members Leo [ Grizz ] and his lovely lady Tracey [ Twinkles ] from Seattle in the USA.

Leo & Tracey have set a date of February 28th 2004 to be married, and I know I speak for all of the Nulla's when I say that we wish you guys all the best for your future lives together.

Who knows, maybe they'll even have second honeymoon in Perth one day and catch up and meet all of us.

But until that happens, they have asked if someone from the Oz Nulla's can attend the wedding in Seattle next year, and just to make it official in the world of the Nullaboys.

So as the President, I suppose it is my duty, as well as an honour, to attend the wedding, and it'll be a holiday whilst I'm there.

And there's a lovely lady called Metta that I'm just hanging out to meet over there too, but that's another story for another issue of Nulla Noos

In the meantime, if you've got any nice comments to make to them, or you want to give them tips on how to make it a long and happy marriage, send them an e-mail …..

And it's no good me trying to give them any hints, I didn't get past 7 years with either of mine.

Some of you may know that Radar has up-graded the old white ute he had.

Well he hasn't actually up-graded it; he just pushed it deeper into his shed with the new red Commodore ute he's bought.

And if you happen to see a red Commodore ute driving through town, and the number plates say NULLABOYS, that'll be him.

So now, when he's whining about being broke all the time, you'll know why. A new bike last year, and a new ute this year…… hmmm, I wonder ….

Hey Radar, are you sure you didn't find some of those drug satchels last year when they washed ashore up there at the loop did you ???

Now, this next bit has nothing to do with riding motorcycles, but Radar has sent us a little story on what he does to pass the time up at "The Loop". Here goes ….

"After much anticipation, the long awaited day had arrived, November 15th, the first day of the cray or rock lobster season.

I had arranged to have the day off so that I could get out to the coast and get my bag limit on the first day of the season.

Dawn arrived, a bit cloudy and the wind was blowing a bit, but what the hell, it was Day One.

After a hearty Nulla breakfast of Bacon, Eggs, Sausages, Toast & Coffee, I loaded the trusty old 4WD with all of the dive gear needed for the excursion, and headed for the coast, which is about a 40km trip, west of the mine site.

Since travelling down at the end of last season, the track had definitely got worse the corrugations were much worse and the rust was dropping off the old Hilux in sheets.

Somehow, I think this could be the last cray season for the old girl, that's unless I want to drive a chassis with a set of wheel and a seat bolted to it next year.

The fisheries officers were waiting for me at the gate, so I stopped and showed my license and then headed for False Entrance. This was the same beach that all the cocaine washed up on last year, and I still couldn't find any this year.

I looked out at a fairly large swell, but I had driven all this way, on a crappy track, so I might as well get wet and go for a dive whilst I'm here.

Kitted up, I went in and looked under the first ledge and saw a couple of good sized crays and thought 'you bloody beauty, a good season at last'. But they were female spawners, and I had to let them go.

I went further out into the swell, and managed to get dumped onto the reef by the swell a couple of times, smashing my head on the reef in the process.

After spending about an hour in the water, I'd managed to see about 8 crays, caught 5 of them, and, for various reasons, only ended up keeping ONE.

Whilst driving home on the f*&%$*g track, I could hear the rust dropping of the old ute, and I started thinking of the costs involved in my little excursion.

1 days pay, a tank of air, 10 litres of diesel and a sore head. To top it all off, whilst I was washing all the dive gear and cleaning everything up, I got bitten on the arse by an ant.

All this for one miserable cray. Shit, it would've been cheaper to buy one from Perth and fly the little bugger up on the plane.

But am I going out again this weekend for another go ?? … I'm a glutton for punishment, of course I am !!

Besides, as we say in the Nulla's, I'm not real bright, but I can lift heavy things.

Radar …….

By now, everybody should've received notice that well known Adelaide HOG member "Wrecks" passed away after his long battle with cancer.

"Wrecks" rode the 3 wheeler named "My Therapy" at the Perth National Rally, and I had the pleasure of speaking with him on a few other occasions at other rallies around Australia also.

If ever there was a man on a mission to cheat the undertaker of his income, "Wrecks" was the man for the job.

I believe he was given 3 months to live some 5 years ago, and although his body was riddled with the shit, as his pocket-sized x-ray could confirm, it wasn't going to get him until he was ready.

He told me a few times that he had too much to do, and he would go when he was good and ready too, and not before.

Well, he went eventually, but only after he had finished doing what he had to do, and he passed away peacefully on Tuesday night, November 26th.

Our condolences go to Val and his family, and also to his other family, those within the Adelaide Chapter of H.O.G.

And if you're ever in Adelaide one day and you see "My Therapy" rolling around town, it'll be as a chauffeured ride to the kids of Adelaide.

He's left it as a legacy for the children of Adelaide that also suffer with cancer, just so they can enjoy life as much as he did.

I don't think any of us really know how short our life is ……. until it's over.


Please note that if you're coming on the next big ride, February 16th is the date for the next Nulla BBQ

It will also be the day for the final discussions on the ride to Sydney.

If you're coming with us, it is important that you attend this BBQ so you know the final details of the run.

Your President & Editor & Functions
Manager & Ride Organiser & Complaint
Officer and General Dogsbody


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