Issue Number 4

November 2002

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Issue Number 4 already My, how time flies when you're having fun.

So, what news do we have for you this issue.

Well, Spring is already half over, which means that Christmas is nearly upon us again.

And that means the 2002 Charity Ride is getting close, so for those of you who plan to ride, it's normally the first Saturday in December.

I haven't spoken to Ding-Bob yet, but that's the day it's been held on for the last 21 years, so why would they change it now.

And the question on my lips this year is, Do we ride as a club known as The Nullaboys, or do we ride with Perth HOG.

I bet you know what my answer is, but I'd like you to tell me you're thoughts on the matter.

For those of you that didn't attend the ride for Claudia's birthday, you missed a great breakfast run.

The weather was pretty crappy and looked very threatening, but Doc, Lorraine Agony & Claudia turned up on 2 wheels, whilst Snoopy, Ros, Luigi and your's truly turned up in Snoopy's recently purchased 4 wheeler.

As it turned out, apart from a bit of wet road, the weather was kind and it didn't rain at all . unfortunately for us

We wished all morning that it would rain because that would've stopped the bitching about us being sooks and not riding the bikes on such a beautiful day.

The venue was Riverbank Winery in the Swan Valley, and it was a great place for breakfast. Service was a bit slow, but the food made up for it and was very reasonably priced. In the end, the total bill was only $81 for the 8 of us. Very reasonable priced.

You guys sure missed a great morning.

Maybe on our next breakfast run, you'll be able to make it.

Luigi & I went to the September MRA meeting the other night, and for you Nulla's who aren't members yet, you should be.

These people are fighting to change the way politicians' and other anti-motorcycles people view the motor cycling population in WA.

Some of the things they are trying to address are roundabouts and their designs, those bloody wire rope safety rails on the freeway, front identifiers, and a whole heap of other issues on our behalf.

I was quite surprised of the amount of work and effort these people do for us in getting things recognised by the law makers, and they do it all voluntarily.

Most of you would've met "Tacka" at the HOG meetings or at least heard of the MRA themselves.

If it weren't for these people, motor cycles would probably have been banned by now, so it's very important for us to support them and keep them fighting for our rights to ride when and where we like.

Membership is only $25.00 per year, which is less than a carton of beer, or a good bottle of wine. It's not much really when you consider what they do for us.

You will find that there is a membership form with this newsletter just for that purpose, so please consider joining them as soon as possible.

Radar decided to come down from the Loop for a visit over the September long weekend and asked if I could organise a couple of rides with the Nulla's.

This would give him a chance to catch up with some and also get a couple of miles up on the bike at the same time.

I think he was feeling that the bike was getting old and it wasn't even moving to do it.

So, on the Sunday of the September long weekend, we held our first of our, what I hope to be many, breakfast Rides for this season.

10 bikes, 8 members and 2 wives, turned up at the bottom of Greenmount and took part in our little ride to Meckering for breakfast.

We left at 0800 hours under beautiful skies and headed for York to pick up Stefan, Regina & Rob who were waiting for us at the old servo on the corner.

That made 13 people in total for breakfast and that's not a bad turn out considering that's nearly 50% of our members getting together for a bit of a ride, and it was only a breakfast ride.

Anyway, from there it was up the hill and hang left and along the York-Northam road a ways until we turned off at the "Goldfields Highway" sign.

It didn't look right to me, and as it turned out, I had taken the wrong turn too, but it all worked out okay in the end.

It was a great back road with a couple of good corners on it and very few cars to annoy us with the ride.

We ended up joining the road where I originally wanted too and came out on the Gt Eastern Highway at Meckering anyway, so it made no difference.

Even though I had contacted the place earlier in the week and given them advance notice of our arrival, it still took them a while to feed everybody.

But as the food was good and everybody got fed in the end, nobody had too many complaints. And it was a great ride to get there, so I think that probably helped.

Anyway, after we had all been fed and watered, it came time to leave and head for other places.

Rob decided to head back to York, and some of the others decided to head back to Perth.

As for the rest of us, we hadn't had enough riding yet, so we continued on to Toodyay for a bit more fun in the sun.

There, we had another drink and then Stefan & Regina decided it was time for them to split from the group also, and they headed back home to York.

That left just Luigi, Radar, Snoopy and me to continue on through the Chittering Valley and we eventually got home at about 2.00pm.

I'm sure everybody had a great time and a great breakfast ride.

By the way, don't park behind Doc when there's dirt under his bike.

His exhaust pipes point down and can create a great dust cloud when he wants them too. Ask anybody who was behind him at Meckering. Radar was "most impressed".

And by the way Doc, Radar has told me that you are now on his HIT LIST too.

Ahh, revenge is sweetest to he who waits, or something like that, and according to Radar, he WILL have his revenge.

Damn, it's great being on the outside looking in, I can't wait for it to happen. because knowing Radar, it'll be HUGE.

We've had a few more people confirm their intentions for the ride to Sydney next year, and I've put together a travel plan of the ride and direction we are taking next year.

We will leave as usually on the Saturday morning, March 1st 2003, and it will still be a 4week round trip. But this year we will be going a different way, just for a change.

It will lengthen the trip across to Adelaide by 1 day, but I think you will enjoy the change in direction.

As our departure is a bit earlier this year, maybe we'll get a couple of cooler travelling days too.

We will head south to Albany, across the bottom of our state to Esperance, then back up to Norseman and across the Nullarbor.

This little deviation will make getting to Norseman slightly longer, but I'm sure it'll be a much cooler ride.

Besides, we've got 2 weeks to get there, so there's no rush.

Johno will be our road captain from Ballarat onwards, so his local knowledge should make for some interesting scenery through outback Victoria.

There is a " Green with Envy " copy with this edition of Nulla Noos for you to read and think about for a couple of weeks.

If you have any questions, please bring them with you to the Ride Discussion Day.

We'll have a get together and discuss it on Sunday December 8th, at Nulla HQ.

Please Take Note: The discussions will start at 12.00noon SHARP, so be there if you have any questions or suggestions about the run.

After the meeting, I'll fire up the b-b-q, and you can have a feed and a couple of beers and if you feel like a swim, bring your togs too.

Please put it in your diary now so you don't forget 2003 Ride Discussion Day & BBQ, Sunday 12 noon, December 8th.

We are still looking for a volunteer to tow the trailer across, so if you don't want to ride, but still want to go and take your bike too, he's your chance.

We'll have a fuel levy again, just to help you with the cost of towing it over and back too, but it's first in, best dressed.

Let me know any way you can if you're interested in making a deal.

The last day of September just happened to be the Monday of the long weekend, and the weather was magnificent for the second ride of the weekend.

Radar, Luigi, Pop and myself were the only members that turned up at the Golden Arches in Kelmscott for the luncheon ride to Collie.

Traffic was light heading south that morning, so we made good time on the way down, and we didn't even have to break the speed limit to keep on schedule.

We took a detour at Roelands across to Australind to pick up my good friend Tracey, as she was going to join us for lunch also.

The run back across to Collie was easy, and the climb up the Collie hills sounded fantastic with the beat of 4 Harleys thumping their way up through the hills and over the top.

Our lunch destination was the Federal Hotel in the main street. A mate of mine has just purchased the establishment, so it was a good excuse to go for a ride, and check it out.

We decided on the bar menu, as experience has proven that a full stomach and a long ride home never go well together.

Radar got all excited at being able to order something different than what he normally gets in the Loop, and had the Antipasto as a main. I think I should've done the same as it looked bloody nice.

A couple of relaxing hours were spent telling lies and spreading the bull shit thick, and then it was time for the return journey home.

Luigi and I swapped bikes, and riding the Granny is very nice, but not as much fun as riding a familiar bike down through the winding hills of the Collie escarpment.

I might buy one, one day, when the urge to be a grown-up happens by.

We dropped Tracey off at home again and then joined the returning holiday traffic for the trip back up the coast road, stopping at Gull Myalup for a quick pit stop and some fuel.

From there, it was a leisurely ride home, at the correct speeds so we didn't have our travel interrupted by the many law enforcers who littered the road side.

And another great ride with great friends had been accomplished.

With the weekend coming to an end, and the workdays in front of us once more, Radar could now go back up to the Loop, relaxed, revived and with his urge to ride again satisfied.

Well, at least until March next year when it will happen all over again.

Well, that's it for Issue 4 of Nulla-Noos, and there's not much more I can tell you about what's happening at present.

Radar was going to send something down regarding the mating habits of crayfish, but he was very slack again and didn't do it.

Please read the attached ride to Sydney, and if you plan on coming with us, even if it's only one-way, please let me know.

Don't forget the meeting on December 8th to discuss it. And the BBQ afterwards is for everybody to attend, not just those Nulla's riding across next year.

So until then, ride safe.

Your President & Editor & Functions
Manager & Ride Organiser & Complaint
Officer and General Dogsbody


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