Issue Number 3

September 2002

When you need to know the news, read the Nulla-Noos

Here's a little bit of news from our members in the USA. Grizz and Twinkles went to the Canadian National Rally and sent us some details on the event. ………………………

Valley of the HOGS Rally

Hello from the United States to all the Nullaboys. Grizz & Twinks would like to share with you all our wonderful adventures to the 9th Annual Canadian HOG Rally, held at Penticton in British Colombia on the weekend of June 20th-23rd.

We left on Wednesday afternoon and rumbled over Stevens Pass to spend the night in Levenworth, Washington.

After an excellent steak BBQ, we packed it in for an early start as Penticton is about a 630km ride our home in Fall City, and from the get-go, the weather Gods shone brightly on us.

The bike was a bit weighed down, so Grizz made me ship a box of “stuff” back home after the first day … even my fluffy slippers had to go home which was a bit hard I reckon.

Anyway, around lunchtime, we started passing other bikers heading north, and we had a pretty easy border crossing and then it was just another 45 minutes to Penticton, but we made a wrong turn just out of town and that made it a little bit longer.

Grizz flagged down a Royal Canadian Mountie at a street light, and he gave us some directions, but they only confused us even more. So the Mountie, being such a nice guy that he was, well he said “follow me”, and 15 minutes later, we were at the hotel.

He was just the first example of the really nice and friendly people that we would encounter during our short stay in the area.

We had a great room at the Ramada Hotel, complete with a Jacuzzi Hot Tub, and it was just the thing to wash away all those aches and pains of the day too.

We unpacked and then hopped on the bike to register at the Lakeside Resort & Casino.

Outside, there was a welcome BBQ which was hosted by Kane's HD shop, and it was about 35*C with just a gentle breeze blowing through. It was Pure Heaven, well for anybody who lives in the wet, damp, bone-chilling Northwest it is anyway.

Friday began in sunshine and heat, which felt so good, so we had to shed our leather coats and head off for a short ride up to Apex Mountain Ski Resort. After we arrived, we heard from some bikers that were behind us that they had to stop to let a bear cross the road.

BEARS !! Nobody said anything about bears………

Back in Penticton, bikes were arriving by the hour. By parade time at 6.00pm, there were about 2000 bikes to participate in the parade. I had a blast, waving to all the people that had lined along the parade route, standing out of their front lawns. They were hanging off their balconies and they were waving back with smiles as big as ours were.

Who was having more fun ??, Hell, I don't know, but it was great fun.

We rode in the parade with the 34 members that had ridden up from Washington's Eastside Chapter of HD, so it was kind of like ridding with your own.

The parade ended up back at the Lakeside, and the beach party kicked off from there. They had an excellent Blues band playing, and the only down side was that nobody was up and dancing to them. What's Up ??

Grizz ran into Nigel a few times, he's the International Director of HOG, whom he first met down-under aways back. We sat around and drank luke-warm beers, and had a nip or two from the hip flask from time to time, and called it time at around midnight.

Saturday, we joined the 'organised' ride up to Apex Mountain, and darn, if we didn't miss that pesky bear again. At the top, the rally had organised a pancake breakfast, and free tram rides to the peak.

As we were waiting to leave, Grizz spotted Willie G. in the breakfast line, so he went over for a chat and to get his jacket signed. But alas, poor Willie didn't have pen, but his wife Nancy, said to be at the resort at 1.00pm, and not to tell anyone.

So there we were, at the resort, on time, waiting, so excited, and finally the doors open, and we end up 7th in the line. Okay, who told ??. And we thought it was going to be a personal thing.

Still, Grizz got his jacket signed by Willie G, and I had my new vest signed too. Grizz had a grumble about the fact that he'd chased Willie G around 3 continents and 6 rallies, and never got a signature. And here I am, my first rally, and score BIG.

Later that day, we sat in a seminar and heard about the first 100 years of HD, and found out some very interesting stuff too.

Did you know that Harley-Davidson made Golf Carts ??

Anyway, Saturday night was the presentation and awards night. The meal was good and the food was actually quite tasty.

After dinner, we stayed for a bit and listened to a comedian. This guy really liked to bash the people from Quebec too.

Then it was back to the room and into that hot tub, mmmm.

We left pretty early in the morning, with sunshine all the way home and a headwind almost immediately we hit the USA-Canada border.

We linked up with a couple of ladies we met at the rally at the first gas stop, and they rode with us almost all the way, but they had another 5 hours to go when we parted company.

We stopped at “The Brick”, which is a pub in Roslyn, Washington. This was the town that they filmed the TV series “Northern Exposure” in. It was 6.00pm, we'd travelled 630kms and had a great time on the road.

Can't wait for the next rally, or Sturgis, or maybe the Nullarbor. But for now, that's it from the United States.

Your friends from the states

Grizz & Twinkles……… ……………………………………………………

The 2003 Muster ride is still happening, but getting information is a bit like pulling teeth from these people in the eastern states that are organising it.

I've been speaking with Liz Hudson from Peter Stevens in Melbourne, trying to get some information with regards to getting accommodation for the rally, but so far no joy.

The rumour is that we will be able to camp in or around the Homebush site, but it's not confirmed as yet, so this makes it a bit hard for us travellers to know what we should be trying to arrange for our accommodation.

As soon as I get some more information on what the hell is happening over there, I'll let everybody know.

As for letting everybody know, who's planning on going ?? At this stage, apart from Radar, Luigi, Wiz, Snoopy & Ros, nobody else has advised that they are planning on going. How about some numbers please guys, and keep everybody in the loop.

Please e-mail your intentions as soon as you've decided to Wiz. ……………………………………………………

I happened to be looking up work things on the web the other day, and came across a web-site written by “The Grand-Pooh-Bah”.

My first thought was “What the hell is Radar doing to me now”, but after I entered the site and had a look around, I realised it was someone else who has also called himself The GPB.

Whilst I was looking around his site, I came across some stuff about the Nullarbor, and being the curious person that I am, I had a read.

What an absolute wanker this guy is. It turns out that this guy, who is an American no less, travels to different countries throughout the world, and then writes little stories about his “experiences”.

On this particular experience, he flew to Melbourne and then travelled across the Nullarbor, by train no less, and he believes that he experienced enough of the Nullarbor to tell of its beauty and splendour.

And all from a one-way trip on a train, hmmm, I don't think so buddy…...

After reading his bit on the Nullarbor, I felt compelled to reply to this clown and let him know that at least I think he is a complete dickhead.

Then, just for something different, and a bit of a laugh too, I thought I'd show him the depths of my talents and put my complaint to him in verse. It went like this ………………………

I was sitting here, with nothing to do
When I found this blurb on the old Yahoo.
See, this jokers been travelling, and he's been writing some words,
Bout countries he's been to, but he's a travellin' nerd.

You see he's been to Australia, and done the Nulla by train,
So he writes this big story, reckons he's travelled in pain.
But I say, crossing the Nulla must be done by road,
Dodging trucks, smellin' road kill and without a comfy abode.

Mate, you travelled by train, with the windows closed tight,
And when the nasty animals jumped out, did you got a big fright
Shit, travel by road and you'll soon understand,
Australia is big, much bigger than your land.

You can fly, you can drive, or you could bus across too
Or maybe Winnabago like your tourist mates do,
But us Nullaboys ride, in the heat, frost and rain,
cause you ain't crossed the Nulla, if you've travel by train.

See the sights, hear the sounds, just smell that clean air,
But you'll never know from sitting in there,
Get out on the road, where the real people are,
And I ain't talking bout travellers just driving their car

Hey, Mr Pooh-bah, forget travel by train
Hit the road on a bike, and come ride in the rain,
Travel with us, then you'll know what we mean,
You'll see the real Oz, and then you can write the REAL scene ……..

From the Aussi “Grand Pooh Bar”

Now I wrote and sent that by e-mail some weeks back, he hasn't answered me yet, I don't understand why though !!

"I crossed the Nullarbor, on a train" Shit, give me a break !!

Sunday, September 15th, put it in your diary as a day for breakfast, and maybe lunch with the Nullaboys.

Doc has advised that he is organising a late breakfast run to end up at a mates vineyard somewhere in the Swan Valley area.

Now, knowing Doc and his fondness of vineyards as we do, I think that there is every chance that breakfast will become lunch, and lunch will then become a big day-out.

So whatever you do, DON'T plan an evening meal with the family later, because you may not be able to stand, let alone cook anything for them.

Do any of you go down to buy stuff from Pop at ARB in Osborne Park ??

Well, if you do, you want to be asking for a bigger discount next time you buy something from him.

Every time I go down there, the joint is expanding. It's f…ken huge now

Shit, there must be some serious money to be made in 4WD accessories.

A new bike, flash new car, bigger premises…….hmmm, if I didn't know better Pop, I'd be thinking there's some shifty-shit going on down there.

Hey, you're not doing drug-money laundering or something are you mate ??

Have you checked out the Nullaboys web site yet.

It's still missing a fair bit of information because some of you haven't put in your submissions yet.

And YES !! … that was a dig at you lazy buggers, in case you were wondering

You'll find us at …

Well, that's it for this issue.

See you all soon, I hope ….

Your President & Editor & Functions
Manager & Ride Organiser & Complaint
Officer and General Dogsbody


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