Issue Number 2

JULY 2002

When you need to know the news, read the Nulla-Noos

Well members, it seems as though we are that well known around Australia now, there's not many places on this great land of ours that we can wear "Nulla Apparel" without being accosted.

Take the case of one of our founding members who now resides in Little River, Victoria.

Young Johno was hanging out on a street corner somewhere in downtown Melbourne one day, wearing his Nulla shirt, when he was approached by some fairly dodgey looking motorcycle riders.

They had noticed the shirt and wanted to know if he was, and I quote, "One of the Nullaboys", to which he politely answered "Yes, I am young man, why do you ask ??"

Apparently, these guys were so that elated that they had met a real Nullaboy in person, he was invited to come to their clubhouse that night and partake in some free drinks with them.

Johno didn't want to let these gentlemen down, and he felt obliged to attend so he went to their meeting.

When he arrived at the venue, he was very smartly introduced to the members present by the headman as "Johno, one of the famous Nullaboys" and was given the once over by the very impressed membership of the club.

During the meeting, he was asked if he could come forward and give a short talk on the Nullaboys, how they came about, the rides that we have done and various other interesting points about us, to which he also felt obliged to do.

At the completion of the evening meeting, he was given food and drink, thanked for his words of wisdom and invited to become a member of their club, and free of charge.

They made a point of stating that they would be honoured if he would join them and, Johno, being the man that he is, felt he could neither disappoint them nor refuse their hospitality and generosity, and has therefore agreed to join their club also.

So, now our Johno is a patch wearing member of not only the Nullaboys, but also Geelong HOG and now Brunswick HOG too.

Talk about spreading yourself around. Crikey Johno, you're worse than a bitch on heat. ……………………………………………………

And whilst we're on the subject of young Johno, I believe his name has been put forward by one of the HOG club's to speak "On Air" at Melbourne's 3-AK Radio station during a talk-back segment known as "On Ya Bike" or something like that.

It seems that those Victorians are that fascinated about us Nullaboys, they want to know all about us. I think they should just get on their bikes and ride across the Nullarbor and experience it for themselves.

I think that it should be okay with the members, as long as they tape the program and we get a copy of it so we can laugh…..sorry, listen to Johno rabbiting on about The Nullaboys and the enjoyment we have traversing the continent. ……………………………………………………

The World of Golf

Everybody has heard of American golfing sensation Tiger Woods, right ??

But did you know that when he played his first game of golf with his father, he took 44 stokes to complete those first 9 holes.

Now, to a good weekend golfer, playing a 44 "off the stick" on a 9 hole Par 36 course is nothing special as most golfers can do that every time they play.

But Tiger was only 3½ years old when he played that game. ……………………………………………………

The travel plan for the forthcoming 2003 Muster ride is coming together slowly.

At the recent meeting held at Lego's place, many deep and meaningless discussions were held on a variety of topics from how many beers your can drink standing on your head, too how hot chilli snags can get.

But amongst all the useless conversations that were going around, we had some suggestions to look at a few changes to the normal ride, just to allow us a bit more time to relax during the trip.

After all, it is a holiday, isn't it ??.

The suggestions are that the travel distance each day should be shortened from our normal 750-800kms down to somewhere between 500-600kms each riding day.

This will allow us more free time during the ride for sight-seeing and happy snaps, maybe slightly later departure times.

Who knows, you may even get an occasional sleep-in, but don't count on it.

And we should still be able to arrive at our sleepover destinations before it gets too dark and the animals come out to bite us.

Also, as we will be travelling in the heat of late February & early March, it is hoped that this will make the ride a lot more enjoyable, even though we will spend a little longer in days to get there and back.

But as we are all on holidays anyway, who cares about one or two extra days in the saddle, just as long as we have an enjoyable ride.

However, there are places on the road, places like Mundrabilla that we must try to fit into our normal overnight stops as these people look after us extremely well.

But even so, this alteration will also mean that we will be stopping at a few new destinations on the road over and back. So there's a bit of good and bad in the suggestion.

Snoopy and Radar have come up with a good suggestion for the ride and this is to go over via Albany and Esperance, as these are roads that we haven't travelled before.

So if you are planning on coming with us, get out your maps, read the suggested travel route below, and then send your opinions to Wizard for consideration via e-mail at

If you don't have e-mail you can post it to The Nullaboys @ P.O. Box 112 Mirrabooka, 6941 and then we will decide on the final direction to be travelled.

But for now, the proposed ride is that we depart on Saturday March 1st, and head for Albany, then on to Esperance Sunday, Mundrabilla on Monday, maybe through to Port Lincoln on Tuesday and then into Adelaide on the Wednesday afternoon.

Thursday we will stay in Adelaide so that any running repairs can be attended to if needed, and so we can also partake in the traditional luncheon at "The Gothic", of course.

Then on the Friday, we'll head towards Melbourne, staying overnight at Horsham, and onto Bendigo for Saturday night.

Somewhere around this region, we will hopefully hook up with Johno, and then head to Wagga Wagga for the Sunday night.

Monday morning and it's over the Snowy Mountains via Tumut, on to Cooma and then to Bega for Monday night.

Tuesday we can head up the coast, through places that we haven't been to before like Bodalla, Bateman's Bay, Nowra, Kiama, Wollongong with the plan to arrive into Sydney sometime on Wednesday afternoon.

Thursday will be for sightseeing or whatever in and around Sydney.

Friday, Saturday & Sunday for the muster rides and associated parties to do with H-D's birthday.

Monday after the festivities and good-byes, we will head further up the coast to Grafton, at which point, we will turn left somewhere and head into the outback country of NSW.

From Grafton, we can head across to Glen Innes, Moree, and then back down to Coonabarabran, Gilgandra, across to Nyngan, to Cobar, Broken Hill, Port Augusta and back across the Nullarbor for home.

All going well, we should be home on Friday March 28th.

4 weeks all up, and about 8000 or 9000kms, all with great riding weather, great friends and a great time to be had by all.

The final riding map and the approximate daily distances to be travelled will be based on your input and worked out in the near future. A copy of the intended directions will issued to those who want a copy, or just turn up on the Saturday and follow the leader.

Also, and just for your information, we have been approached by a couple of members of the Perth Chapter asking if they can join with us on this ride.

And the club hierarchy have made an approach too on whether we can lead a group across the country.

At this time, no decision has been made on either of these requests, as we are waiting for confirmation of the number of Nullaboys travelling first.

From previous experience, the larger the travelling group, the more difficulties we encounter on the road.

Regardless of the number of Nulla's coming, NO decisions on these requests will be made with out prior consultation of all Nullaboys that are coming on the ride. ……………………………………………………

It's no longer a rumour, Pop has put those big hands into those deep pockets and flushed out more money for another new bike.

It's a black Electra-Glide Standard, and it has been tarted up a bit with a selection of shiny bits as well

Also hot of the rumour mill, it would not be a wise move to pick a drag race against him.

But apart from those strategically placed shiny bits hanging from the outside of the bike to make it look pretty flash, I believe it has also had some internal work done to the pulsating heart of the machine.

The signage on the bike might say 88 Cubic Inches, but as the saying goes, don't believe everything you see.

Just remember this, if Pop can't impress you with his quick wit or his humour, he will certainly try to embarrass you on the road with the pure grunt of the new machine.

Enjoy your new toy Pop, and no doubt we will see you out cruising somewhere soon. ……………………………………………………

V8 Supercar Racing

If you follow motor sport, you would have heard of HRT's number 1 driver, Mark Skaife.

He's been racing in the Australian Touring Car Championship, which is now known as the Shell Championship Series, since 1988.

Did you know that since his racing debut in this series of racing, he has finished in 1st place 44 times.

And he has also finished 123 times in 3rd place too. That's not a bad effort for any driver in any field of racing.

The amazing part is that in the 267 races that he has competed in, in this series, he has never finished in 2nd place. ……………………………………………………

The AFL season is still in full swing, but Lego has asked if I can circulate this to the followers of the sport for consideration for next season.

How many of you are Eagles members, and currently hold season tickets, and plan on doing the same next season.

If you are, would you be interested in purchasing more "up-market" tickets as a group. Perhaps tickets that would allow you VIP parking, a pre-game meal, half time and post-game drinks, etc.

As a group, we can do this and enjoy the game as a group every 2 weeks. If you are interested in forming a football attendance group, please let me know and we can then pursue this further.

This will allow us time to investigate what we need to do, min / max of people required for the group, cost, and options, etc so that when the time comes for renewals next season, we know which way we are going.

So far, there are 4 interested in the idea and they are Lego & Tam, Wizard & Luigi. Any more ??? ……………………………………………………

Radar has reported that somebody has stolen all of crayfish up at the loop. He's a bit low at the moment, and he was whining the other night when he was on the phone.

His work sucks, there's no crayfish, he needs to go for a ride on his bike, but can't up there, etc, etc.

Beats me why he stays up there if it's that bad. But he has, and for nearly 20 years too. Shit that's a long time to stay in one place, especially when it's somewhere like Useless bloody Loop.

I'll have to send him a medal, he's already got the chest for it, even if it has dropped a tad lower than normal. ……………………………………………………

Hey look at that, I'm at the bottom of 4 page again. Another 4 pages of absolute dribble & bullshit. Maybe I'll have some more Noos for you in a couple months.

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