Issue Number 1

MAY 2002

When you need to know the news, read the Nulla-Noos

Well, here it is.

This is the first issue of Nulla-Noos, but don't expect too much too soon.

Hopefully, some of you might send in something that's printable in our little newsletter and get into it and be circulated.

It doesn't have to be of any great earth-shattering importance, just something to enlighten our day, something about a ride you did, a place you had a meal at, a dirty joke, who cares what it is, it'll all fill up the newsletter.

And we're not producing a glossy magazine, and forget about the bloody photo's for now. I'm not a publisher and I have no intention of trying to become one.

This is designed to keep you guys informed of what the hell we are doing, where we are going or have been, and what events we are planning in the future.

Don't expect too much and things will go along just fine

Okay, here's some Nulla-Noos.

Next year's "Muster Ride" for HD's 100th birthday celebrations is planned to finish at Olympic Stadium, Homebush, Sydney.

It's going to be one hell of a party, with a lot of big named performers, like Bruce Springsteen, Billy Connelly, etc tipped to attend the function.

It's reported that the entry fee will be around $60 for the 3day bash for HOG members and the public will be billed $60 for the Saturday Concert night.

Accommodation and / or camping will be off-site, and it's been suggested it will probably be at the Penrith Leagues Club on one of their 3 ovals. That's about 20 minutes away, so it's not to far for us to travel.

But, it's all a bit sketchy right now, so as more details come to hand, I'll keep you up-dated.

We are, however, planning a ride over to attend the bash, and we are in need of someone to volunteer their services to tow the trailer and associated bits across to the party.

Anyone who can help with this, please contact Wizard and let him know.

In the meantime, if you think you might be going with us and need to plan your holidays, we are looking at making it a 5week round trip.

Departure date will be Saturday February 22nd 2003, and returning so as to re-start at work Monday March 31st.

This will be a tourist ride over and back, with a shorter riding day, probably 450-600kms days. This will give us time to look around and take some happy snaps of our journey.

Once across the Nullarbor, we will be going via a different route to the east coast possibly via Ballarat and Bendigo over and maybe via northern NSW coming home.

If you have suggestions on a direction to travel, towns to visit on the way, etc, please put it forward and we'll see if we can fit it in somewhere.

This should be another great trip, so we hope you will think about joining us on this ride.

We had a bit of a drama with our unintentional recruitment drive at the rally this year.

It seems your fearless leader and a couple of his trusty sidekicks went a bit over-board trying to drum up new punters to join the club and broke a few rules, you know the ones, the rules that we don't have.

It seems that they tried to sign up members that had crossed the Nullarbor, but they didn't do it with an existing Nulla member, and that's not on.

Doc quickly nailed us and he advised of a massive discontentment and possible member walk-out from the ranks, so it needed to be sorted out, and quickly.

Well, I'm happy to report that it's been sorted out, and the prospective members are to have their membership money returned to them with a grovelling letter of apology attached.

The offending members have been chastised and they will not be doing that again.

Well, that is, not until next time anyway.

We spoke to a few of the Eastern Staters at this years National HOG Rally, mainly the ones that had travelled by bike across the Nullarbor to get here.

Some had followed the Nullaboys Travel Tips on the way over and had reported that it was an excellent help to the uninitiated Nulla traveller.

All of those that we spoke with said that they were looked after everywhere we suggested they stopped, whether it was for fuel or food or overnight accommodation.

That's good news for us as it means that we have made a difference to the HOG motor cycling public. We are now recognised as hardened cross-country bikers that know what they're doing and where they are going and how to do it correctly.

Damn, we're good aren't we ???

In future newsletter editions, we will hopefully have a "For Sale" section. This will be for people like Doc who like to accumulate expensive parts for their motorcycle, but for which they have no further use.

If you have anything you are thinking of disposing of, let it be known, we'll put it in the newsletter, for free, and you never know what might happen.

We will also have a "Trades & Services" section so that those of you who are in business for yourself can advertise your business for free.

Hopefully, if a fellow Nulla needs some work done around their home or business, maybe they will get a bit of a spin-off and the Nulla's will look after each other.

I know we've all got to live and I think it's better we try to look after ourselves first.

So hire a Nulla, if possible, and scratch a mate's first.

If any of you wish to advertise yourself or your company in our little newsletter, please contact Wizard and let him know what you do and what you can offer the rest of us.

It's a FREE service [well, it is for now anyway], so what have you got to lose.

Those of you who were at the rally would know by now that Wizard scored yet again.

The last time he scored was in September of 2000 at the South Australian State Rally in Port Pirie. And not what you're thinking either, that was years ago.

He scored a new set of tyres for his Harley back then.

This time, the win was even bigger when he picked up the prize for being early with his registration for the 2002 National Rally held in Perth.

1000 litres of fuel on $850 worth of Caltex Fuel cards and the way the bike runs, that's about 38,000 kilometres worth of juice.

And apparently a couple of eastern-staters had suggested that the draw must have been rigged for one of the locals to win.

It's nice to know that Pop soon put those comments to rest by advising people at the rally that if it was rigged, Wizard would have been the last prick to win.

Thanks Pop, it's nice to know you're loved and appreciated by your fellow Nulla mates.

As you know, Luigi purchased a new Ultra Classic not long back, but he's been riding around silently since then.

He now has cured the problem and had a new stainless system installed by a bloke in Beechboro.

It took him all of about 15 minutes to colour the exposed steel of his pipes.

And he reckons he doesn't flog his bike. Yeah, right Luigi !!

Anzac Day has been and gone again, and it was a good turn out by the general public at the Kings Park Memorial for the Dawn Service.

Wiz, Luigi, Radar, Snoopy, Doc, Godfather Springer and Louie braved the brisk morning air and attended the service. After the service, it was a quick ride to Fast Eddy's at Carousel and a traditional Nulla breakfast.

After Springer "purchased" his Drag racing trophy at the National Rally, he parted company with it on the way to Carousel.

Let's just say 'he couldn't perform' so now Wizard has now claimed title to Springer's "Fastest Softail Evo" drag racing cup

Better luck next time Looser .. oopps !! sorry ... I meant Springer.

And there's a rumour in the camp that Snoopy is on the prowl for a new cup, so it maybe looking to change hands again fairly soon too me thinks. .

A question has been raised regarding the ownership and use of Nullaboys trailer.

To clarify the situation, the trailer belongs to 11 people, namely Wiz, Radar, Luigi, Snoopy, Lego, Agony, Doc, Godfather, Springer, Johno, and Pop.

These people paid equal shares to have the trailer constructed and they have free use of it at all times.

If the trailer goes on a run with us, the trailer will be "rented" to non-owners for a nominal fee for the run. If you pay the fee, you get to use it, but if you don't, well you don't. It's as easy as that.

The "fee" is to cover it's wear & tear, repairs, etc and it won't be that much that it'll cripple you for life. For instance, a Perth-Sydney return will be around $40-50 per head.

For that price, you can through you excess baggage in it, get a ride to the next place of repair if your bike stops, stuff like that. It's pretty cheap travel insurance if you think about it.

Whilst we're clearing the air, there has been some comments regarding the signing up of new members from the eastern states at the rally.

Comments have been coming and going pretty thick and fast on this issue, and it was decided that the following was to happen regarding this matter.

The people from the eastern states that were signed up at the rally will be getting a letter of apology from Wiz, and their money back. The reason will be explained that we have a rule that states that and I quote "To qualify as a Nullaboy the person must complete either a one-way, or return journey across the Nullarbor with a current member of the Nullaboys International Motor Cycle Club".

The people that we approached at the rally may have crossed the Nullarbor, but they did not complete the trip with a current member. This makes their application in-valid and for that reason, we are returning their monies with a letter of explanation.

However, in saying that, we do actually have some members that have not completed the journey at this time, but they have been granted a special exemption from the rule under the "Special Circumstances" rule.

Lego & Tam, because they are part of Snoopy's family.

Godfather, because he crossed it with Wizard in 1996 going to Tasmania.

Leo & Tracey, well they're in the USA and they're our "International" link, but Leo did cross it with the boys in 2000.

Loraine, because of her association with Doc, and we like her anyway.

Benny, well he's actually crossed it with the Godfather early this year.

These people were allowed to join for the reason stated, and will, no doubt, eventually do the crossing with us in the future.

But, if you have any grievance regarding these people being allowed to join, bring it forward for discussion, and we'll listen to you're complaint. It won't make any difference, but we'll listen anyway because it'll make you feel better.

Well, as this is the first noosletter, there's not much left to report.

Inside this issue, you should've found your membership card, if you haven't already had it hand delivered to you. If it's not there, give me call and I'll find out where it is.

Until next time me meet, stay safe and get rugged up ready for winter.

Your President & Editor & Functions
Manager & Ride Organiser & Complaint
Officer and General Dogsbody


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